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  • any nice hankies to recommend?


    • erhh.. Marks and Spencer?

      I bought some from there before. .a box of 5 for 20 or 30 odd..


      • Originally posted by ohmy View Post
        any nice hankies to recommend?
        can try going to metro, robinsons and ck tang to find nice ones


        • thanks!
          i'm looking more of a single hanky.. so i can sew initials n present it as a gift


          • bought cufflinks for my boy today. there's sale going on for cufflinks and i saw some really nice ones around


            • ASE>> care to share where did you get them from? and where's the sale? TIA!! =P


              • i bought a pair of cufflinks from goldlion. costs $149 but they had 20% off. i went to CK tangs, Robinsons and takashimaya and they all had 20% off for their cufflinks. CK Tang had a wider range to choose from though and i bought mine there. it's good.. go check it out!


                • Thanks sooooooooooooooo much babe!!! Setting off for my last minute shopping!!! =P


                  • hope you get a nice valentine's gift for your guy. happy shopping!


                    • my brother asked me what the latest trends are for cufflinks.. and i'm not into men's fashion. anyone knows?

                      i think guys should own funky, quirky sets:

                      black and red ipod cuffs

                      red lego cuffs

                      maze cuffs

                      cyclist cuffs

                      ladybug cuffs

                      vermeil skull cuffs

                      engine start button cuffs

                      after looking at all these, now i feel like wearing cufflinks too


                      • Hey ladies, does anyone know where to get a decent pair of men's dress shoes for less than $100? SO and I have to attend a wedding dinner tonight and he doesn't have any shoes!

                        Any nice black leather belts to recommend that are cheap (<$50) but not old fashioned?

                        Appreciate any responses... Preferably asap as I need to leave soon to shop for the stuff for the dinner tonight!


                        • Does Mont Blanc has a wallet that can put a Photo, Notes? Small and no coin pocket
                          May I know the Outlets for Mont Blanc?
                          Price is around how much?

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                          • mont blanc can be found in paragon, takashimaya
                            price for wallets ranges from S$200-S$400+

                            braun buffel wallets for men are nice too
                            most in the $100+ range.


                            • HI ladies, what do you think of Tumi men's wallets? Getting a gift and deciding between Mont Blanc or Tumi. Anyone knows if Mont Blanc is available at T2 airport? TIA

                              Any comments on below design?



                              • Originally posted by joyzz View Post
                                i'm looking for men's bracelet. don't really know how to describe as i personally have not seen in before. bf commented to me that he likes but i don't know where to find it.
                                it's not actually chain-like kind. it's more like a shape of a bangle. it's made of silver or other better quality metals with two small balls at each end so it is not fully enclosed type of bracelet. and the balls has some magnetic thing. haha sorry i'm so bad in descriptions.
                                the unique thing about this piece is that it can circulate the blood or do some good to the body. i'm not sure though cos i wasn't paying attention when he first told me he once mentioned he saw it in a country club, i think.
                                anybody knows where can i find such a thing?
                                i think i know what u r talking abt. but i guess it's abit too late for me to say so? if u still looking for it, can try looking in this shop call "anthropology" at raffles city b1, there is a brand inside the shop call AKKA, that sells these magnetic bracelet. There is one bangle design that fits in the description here. hope it helps.