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What Time is it? Watches and other Timepieces

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  • What Time is it? Watches and other Timepieces

    Let's talk about watches!

    My love for watches started with collecting Swatch watches in Uni. Mum used to joke that she'll buy me the entire Swatch collection as my dowry in the future However, over the years, as the swatch watches start dying on me and could not be resurrected, I turned my attention to proper time pieces.

    What are your favourite time pieces?

    I'll share a few fave / significant ones from my collection.

    Gucci 1500 bangle

    This was my first dress watch that i got 6 years ago. This is a classic Gucci design that has been around for many decades. I love the clasp and how it sits nicely on my skinny wrist. This is a classic piece that will see me through for many more years to come.

    Omega Constellation

    This is the most popular watch among ladies in their mid to late twenties. I lost count of the number of friends who own this watch. Made popular by Cindy Crawford, this model comes in at least 5 different dials (pink, blue, grey, white, mother of pearl) and also those with diamonds encrusted in it. This is one of my fave work watch.

    Jaeger-LeCoultre Reverso Duetto

    I've saved the best for the last. I've always been intrigued by the reversing mechanism of JLC watches. And not to mention that JLC is one of the finest watch makers around. A basic Reverso model has a time piece on one side and a stainless steel back for engraving messages. There are other models with art deco on the reverse side. The Reverso Duetto that I got has a simple dial on one side which I wear during the day and on the reversed side is a mother of pearl dial with 2 rows of diamonds which is good for formal occasions. I've justified the hefty price tag by rationalising that I get 2 watches this way. This is one watch that sees you through from the office to dinner parties. I my JLC.

    Now roll in your favourite time pieces!

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    Keiko the JLC is beautiful! I think it is very you. Good buy, it will last you forever

    Fell in love with this instantly. Not ostentatious, beautiful lines, simply beautiful **sigh** saving up for this

    It's either the white or the grey one. Can't make up my mind. "Luckily" :roll: I still have lots of time to think :roll:

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      ooh...i love the grey one, blushed. what's the damage dear?

      I'm now on a big watch kick.

      I've shortlisted a few

      Franck Muller Long Island

      Cartier Pasha

      This one may be a bit difficult to carry it off since i've got skinny wrist.

      Cartier Tank Divan

      I love the understated look of this one!


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        keiko...very expensive kick you know

        super big damage...$11,800 was the initial RRP but i think can go down to about $10k. lowest price quoted was before the economic crisis and that was $9,800. prices vary in accordance to strength of the euro. sp again "luckily" :roll: now is a bad time to buy since our dollar is so weak..hopefully in a couple of years when SGD is stronger i'll get it

        yeah the grey's lovely isn't it?

        i like the cartier tank divan too but it wouldn't suit me in my 40s so i'll stick to the Patek Phillipe


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          blushed, the grey one's lovely!! and i also want to know how much it is! the price must be since it's from patek phillipe :roll:


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            this is definitely not a good time to buy. The price of my JLC jumped a few notches because of the strong euro. That should curb our lemmings for a while right, blushed?

            I agree that the Patek Phillipe can see you through many years. After all, their tagline is "You don't own a Patek Phillipe, you're keeping it for the next generation" or something to that effect.

            Other than these expensive watches that will break the bank, what other watches are the rest of you gals or guys eyeing on that are more affordable? I need to take my attention away from this expensive kick.


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              Oh this is a thread I regretted coming into.

              I love the Franck Muller one! Gorgeous

              Sharon, I think you should go for the grey face. Very classy!

              I always try not to look at watches for fear of loving them :roll: and not being able to splurge on them!
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                i totally swatch watches.....they are fun!

                my fav will be their pop cristal.


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                  my all time favourite is franck muller.

                  blushed dear, the patek phillipe is gorgeous. i vote for the grey face too.

                  i'm currently using a gucci which looks like the bangle one which keiko posted except that in place of a bangle, it's in bracelet form. got a white face.

                  heard that prices at dubai airport are cheaper. will be checking out the price of the cartier tank for a friend.

                  where's your favourite place to shop for watches?


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                    hey girls seems like the grey's a hot fave

                    more affordable one is Alba's retro-ish oval shaped stainless steel watch. i loved mine to bits, literally. it fell apart about 2 years ago. mom bought it for me in Japan $90 only iirc!

                    i like Franck Muller too. actually Locman isn't too bad as well. i like the colourful ones
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                      I am lemming for a longiness one.

                      I own the following.
                      Bf was a rado fan and each time he got one, he would buy the ladies version for me.

                      Round ? and yet not round! With diagonally displaced bracelet connecting elements. A design that creates counterpoints. Stunningly different. And unmistakably Rado. A fascinating combination of high-tech ceramics and sapphire crystal. With an interesting interplay of colors an the dial and bracelet.

                      One of my favourite. Coupole

                      3. Rado Florence

                      4. Rado Jubilee

                      Other than rados, I have 15 swatches, esp the valentine's day collection and various ones like the Cow,flower series

                      I am eyeing the DKNY timepiece and tag heur which i hope i can buy it using my own $$$ salary.


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                        Originally posted by michannat

                        where's your favourite place to shop for watches?
                        I like to go to Emotus at Taka to look at mid-range watches. The open concept is less intimidating and makes it more browser-friendly.

                        For finer brands, i love going to Millenia Walk or Taka. I can spend a long time just looking at the window display at these 2 places. Cortina Watch at Millenia carries a very good selection of different brands. These are the places where I do my "research".

                        I usually buy mine from Eastern Deluxe at Centrepoint or Lucky Plaza because I can haggle with them to get a discount better than what it's offered by other shops.


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                          With my salary, I can only afford a 2-3k watch at best :note:

                          This is one of my favourite, which I am forever telling myself that I will eventually buy it:

                          Technomarine: Technosquare Chrono Diamond, White Mother of Pearl/Black Dial

                          Great for dressing up or down
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                            teiko, the technomarine's beautiful. get it!


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                              teiko that's a very very nice watch!!! what's the damage??