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  • Originally posted by July View Post
    my bro manage to help me buy this bracelet from london

    Nice gift from ur bro !!
    thats so sweet!
    love to own one too


    • Originally posted by efarabella View Post
      You may wanna go to Bagspa Hope it helps!
      will be sure to check it out, thanks!


      • My wallet edge is peeling off and I have been using the wallet for less than a year. Quality is really lousy comparing to loewe.

        I'll never buy miumiu again!


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          • Hi Awesome ladies of Cozycot,

            I'm conducting a little research here for my school project on the pre-loved luxury online shopping. The project to create a store/website to find out what sellers and buyers are looking for when comes to pre-loved luxury shopping. I'll appreciate anyone here can help fill up the form for a few minutes. Thank you..

            The link is here. Online pre-loved luxury shopping survey on Singaporean ladies



            • hey all.. its gonna be first miu miu... and planning a trip to UK... do u all think the model Miu miu vitello lux bag still exists or discontinued? Which shop in london is it cheap to get it? How much can i save if i get it in london & not sg? any kind souls can help me? Or for a newbie which bag shud i get as my first miu miu ? Hard to find d price list in google.. how much does matelasse wallet/bag cost in uk? any1 who went there recently can help on this?


              • pinkmiumiu, london is ex to get these bags. I was comparing Chanel and it is at least couple of hundreds more than when buying from EU countries!

                would it be possible to drop by some other Europe countries, like Paris or Germany? It will be much cheaper!!