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  • how to remove pen mark from a white bag???

    where can i go?


    • How to remove chocolate stain & soft drink stain/smell from the interior of a leather bag?

      TIA. (:


      • There's an excellent write-up on bags in the URBAN supplement to The Straits Times today. There's a section all about caring for bags, places to go to for repairing bags, cleaning of bags etc. A very good read.


        • i don't have the urban paper.

          n now it's too late to buy...

          anyone care to share?


          • the article creepcake mentioned

            Bag care 101
            Experts from Christian Dior and On Pedder as well as Desmond Wong from Mirrco Shoe & Handbag Repair Services tell you how to care for designer totes
            Should I keep the stuffing in my brand new bag when I'm not using it?

            Yes. The soft stuffing helps maintain the bag's shape, which is especially crucial for unstructured bags like the Hobo or a slouchy tote.

            Bags usually come stuffed with paper which should be retained during storage.

            Should I store my bag in the dust bag that comes with it?

            Yes. Keep bags under wraps when not in use to keep out dust and light.

            Overexposure to the sun will cause leather bags to dry out and crack. And it's not just hide that needs protection. PVC or fabric bags will also look worn if left exposed to the environment.

            Dust bags, or protective drawstring pouches, come in different fabrics. The dust bag for the designer bag you bought was specially made to offer the best protection for the bag material.

            Structured bags should be placed on shelves in a cupboard while small bags or clutches may be stored in drawers. Never stack your bags one on top of the other.

            Patent leather and satin bags should also be stored separately if they are not placed in protective bags. Otherwise, they may stain other bags.

            What about non-designer bags which don't come with their own dust bags?

            Most genuine leather bags are sold with a dust bag. Even lower-end stores now provide a pouch with new bags.

            Free laundry bags from hotels which work just as well.

            Otherwise, be bold and ask (nicely) for an extra dust bag from a boutique that you patronise regularly.

            Avoid plastic or paper bags because they often come dyed or printed and the colour may transfer onto your handbag.

            How do I prevent mould from forming on my bags?

            The humid weather here is perfect for fungus growth. To prevent nasty mould, rotate the use of your bags instead of leaving them in the dark, damp confines of your wardrobe.

            If you must stick to your favourite bag of the moment, always take your other bags out at least once every two months for a good airing. When left to set in over time, mould often cannot be removed.

            If you are a handbag junkie, install a dehumidifier in your closet.

            Does that mean heat is good for my bags?

            Too much heat, especially direct sunlight, will very likely melt parts of your bag. Most bags, even those from luxury labels, contain a polyutherine lining which breaks down in heat. Leather parts will age in light and extreme temperatures.

            How do I clean my bags?

            Leather bags should be polished at least once a month with leather cream or mink oil using a soft, clean cloth.

            Avoid coloured creams and oils unless you want a tie-dyed look. Coloured polish will also stain your clothes and skin.

            For bags made from other materials, use a damp sponge or neutral-coloured cloth to remove superficial stains.

            What are some don'ts when it comes to bag care?

            Avoid contact with alcohol-based products (perfumes, facial toners) and grease (moisturisers, make-up) to prevent stains.

            Stuffing your bag will also strain the stitching (especially at the handles) and zip.


            Mr Fix-it

            Bag doctors can fix almost anything, from a torn lining to a broken zipper. They can also clean, polish and dye your bags.

            LE SHINE

            02-75 Far East Plaza, tel: 6735-5266

            Lining replacement (from $70 for a fabric lining), buckle replacement (from $10), polishing (from $35), stitching (from $10), zipper replacement ($40 for whole zip)


            01-09 Bylands Building, tel: 6339-7316

            Polishing (from $4), zipper replacement (from $10) and stitching loose straps ($5)

            SHO-KII JUNCTION

            Block 117 Toa Payoh Central, 01-120, and B1-03 Causeway Point,

            tel: 6353-8316

            Basic repairs such as shortening handles (from $ , buckle replacement (from $15) and mending tears (from $ . Elaborate repair jobs will be out-sourced to a factory


            03-05 Far East Plaza, tel: 6733-3597

            Lining replacement (from $60 for a leather lining), polishing and cleaning (from $40) and dyeing bags (from $100)


            • i heard frm my fren before that LV offers free servicin of their bag n wallet? is that true?
              *** kind of servicin?


              • my mum told me that too.. she said you just gotta bring it down to the boutique.
                but i'm not sure.. we haven't tried that before ahahah


                • Any1 watched last night's Nu Ren Wo Zui Da? They showed off their branded bags and invited a "bag doctor" to show how to remove stains and care for bags. He used this spray to keep the bag water-proof. Any idea whats that spray?? I will love to get 1 for my bags!!!


                  • Ya I saw that too. Lan Xing Mei's denim LV is to die for!

                    That spray seems to be from Japan, not too sure how to get that in Singapore?


                    • Hi gals, in case you wanted to clean LV bags.
                      . i called the customer service today,
                      They do not provide cleaning and polishing services, only repair service at a fee.
                      They do not recommend any cleaners and do not recommend any brand of leather creams or cleansers.


                      • Originally posted by verena View Post
                        there are some shops that sell leather cream which i suppose is kinda like a protector.. when i bought the baby blue celine bittersweet, the SA recommended my loewe's leather cream. she said it's really good. but of cos being the lazy me i haven't done anything yet. i think if i were to walk into the Loewe shop i'd most likely walk out not with the leather cream recommended by the celine SA but instead maybe the nappa aire..

                        hi verena! any idea how much the leather cream from loewe wld cost?

                        (p/sthe nappa aire is indeed very gorgeous )


                        • Le Shine vs Colorwash.
                          Any opinions? Want to send some bags for cleaning... Feeling jittery though. If they screw my precious babies up...


                          • i absolutely swear by colourwash! the staff/owners are korean i think (from their accent) and the service is really ace. when the velvet straps to my dior bag was dirtied, i rang up dior and they directed me to colourwash and colourwash pretty much did a great job with it (even going the extra mile to clean the coated canvas exterior of the bag). the price was pretty reasonable too.

                            i sent my chanel for cleaning too (since the edges were darkening) and it came back quickly and was as good as new, the guy who ran the shop even added an extra leather-sealant coat to protect it from colour transfers for free for me so i was really pleased with that. whilst i was there i saw some ladies bring in their miu mius and even gucci wallets for cleaning.

                            so all in all, can't fault colourwash at all.


                            • Hi may i know where Colorwash is and their price range? Zerodross reviews are pretty tempting. Wanna send my whole collection of bags for regular cleaning. Esp my poor pink Gucci wallet which looks grey now!


                              • zerodross
                                which outlet u went to? I did a search and surf onto their website. Apparantly they have a few outlets now. I like to go to the outlet where the koreans are located. TIA