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  • What Did You Wear Today?

    First time posting here... hopefully no

    This is what I am wearing today:

    My hairstyle today (not sure if this is the right place to post):

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    sunnydays : Your hair looks nice! How long did you take to do it, and how long is your hair (when let down)?


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      Creepcake: Thanks!! It took 10 mins, 3 pins, 1 rubber band & 1 clip. My hair when let down is slightly below shoulder length. I got it permed and dyed to give it sufficient volume.


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        sunndays : Ok, thanks! My hair's rebonded though, so tying it is already quite tricky for me (the rubber-band refuses to stay put). I'll probably try with more rubber-bands and pray for the best.


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          misspiggy, yup rebonded hair a bit tricky for creative hair-dos..

          btw, nice top u have there!


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            cant seem to find anything to wear recently.. keke... excuse to shop more!


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              echt- i have the same feeling sometimes... and yet my closet is bursting with clothes.. but u look very good!! having "nothing" to wear actually works for some people!! hehe

              vintage bag, new dress, peddar red shoes.


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                voodoo_mary: wow, nice dress!! very special cutting.. love it! where did u get it from?

                hehee.. i am wearing polka dots today also.. tiny polka dots..

                My hairstyle today:


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                  sunnydays, i like what you do with your hair. Can never make it in the morning to dress up so nice.


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                    nice hair sunny.
                    what is the front like?
                    inever bother doing my hair.. i step out of the house without even combing my hair somtimes..
                    i spend more time deciding what to wear, *** bag, *** shoes... hair always neglected.


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                      princessy, voodoo_mary thanks!

                      hehe.. i always have a lot of fun to creating a new hairstyle. makes my day
                      sometimes it takes as fast as a few minutes.. the one today took abt 4-5 mins.

                      voodoo_mary, here are some pics i managed to take after i reach home.. lighting's not so good at night.. so pardon the photo quality

                      (hehe.. borrowed the cozycot pic to cover my face.. hope they dun mind)

                      creepcake, misspiggy: i just saw on "Nu Ren Wo Zui Da" today, and they did a very very nice hairstyle for one of the guests, and her hair is rebonded. So it's possible to create very pretty hairstyles with rebonded hair too! You can check out the repeat (i think tmr morning 10 or 11am) HTHs!

                      Added: oops.. i hope this is not off topic..


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                        saw that you deleted your link and images..can pm me those pictures? want to see more of those pretty pictures of you in those great looking outfits..thanks


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                          sunnydays nice hairdos!

                          buns so sweet and sexy the dress :wow:


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                            sweetgal 1 more day to wednesday im waiting


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                              the brooch and earrings are vintage.