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  • A sponsored outfit I wore with pants for work then switched to a frilly shorts to hang out with friends after work. More photos here


    • asteris, looking forward to it! do take a front shot next time

      ChanceuxS, very nice pictures. i like the ribbon on your bag very much. wish the ribbon on your blouse wasn't hidden by your scarf.

      dk, i have a picture saved of it

      renzze, i was thinking the same thing as dk too, you are so nicely dressed to pack and move clara's shop. esp the belt.. it will restrict my intake of air when i pant and i will have to pant harder! haha. i love the frilly shorts with that fairebelle top. together, they look like a one piece dress

      lilbeaute, how are cotton on flats? they have so many colours, i'm a little tempted to buy from them. but the quality seems lousy and i'm afraid the shoes won't last long.

      voodoo_mary, that purple maxi on you is gorgeous!

      i've posted this drop shoulder blouse in this thread before:
      it has a V-neck, drape front and sexy cross-back.
      the blouse is elastic, and with the sort of sleeves it had, i thought i could try and experiment with different ways of wearing the blouse. so here's me wearing the top as a toga:

      there are essentially three layers in this outfit.
      inside: a grey sleeveless bubble dress as the 'petticoat'
      outside top: the blouse. i pulled the right sleeve up so that it will be sleeveless rather than drop shoulder, after which i tucked the left sleeve into the smocked back of my bodice to form a toga
      outside bottom: my high waisted pinstripe skirt. this skirt is shorter than my inner dress, so the bubble hem of the latter peaks out under the skirt, like a floaty tutu or can-can.

      and then i thought, why not wear the blouse as a skirt too?

      the V-neck of my top becomes a basque drop waist of the bandage 'skirt'.

      back of 'skirt'. i'm wearing a different top here.

      nude, pointy ballet flats

      bird nest earrings

      more details on my blog here.
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      • xiaoqiiiii: lol... for the first day of the move it was more packing then moving. I was in charge of bubble wrapping the fragile stuffs and being the driver! There were guys to do the heavy lifting!

        Wow... real creative usage with your blouse! I like the first toga outfit! It's really pretty. I think the skirt should be a tad shorter so that the underlying bubble layer can peek out more.

        As for you 2nd combination, the blouse can definitely pull off as a bandage skirt! I prefer the 2nd top cause gives a casual sleek feel... the first one seems to have too much going on... or maybe it's the material that doesn't quite match.

        I love your bird nest earrings... did you make them? And I have the ballerina ones! lol.


        • hey renzze, no wonder you can dress so nicely that day!

          i think your ballerina earrings are the real deal from les n?r?ides? i recall seeing that yours have more details on the face (like a sculpted nose, mouth), sparkles on the ballerina's tutu, and shoes on their feet. mine are lacking those lovely details i only realised my earrings were a copy when i went to revisit the korean website i first saw them on. at least they were quite cheap so i don't feel so cheated!

          nope i didn't make the bird nest earrings, although they will make a good diy project i have scrap pearls and it won't be difficult to find the 'nest'. the problem is in finding the bird charm, i hunted around for that before and nice bird charms continue to elude me.

          thank you, i like it too mum told me the combination was too weird, but never mind! i can't pull the skirt higher and won't be altering it shorter, so i have to make do with that tiny little 'tutu' peeking out.

          for the 'skirt' outfit, the material of the ruffle neck blouse and skirt are actually the same, they are both silky and shiny. i prefer the ruffle neck blouse over the basic cotton top because it's more my style to inject a classy element to override the trashiness of a mini bandage skirt.


          • xiaoqiiiii: cotton on flats are an example of what you pay is what you get. i got them because i wanted a few colours to match with clothes but i think they can just last a few months if you wear them everyday. and i love your heels!


            • lilbeaute lol! I realised I've got 2 big ribbons with me when I stepped out of the house!!

              dk Thank you! I really hope I can be as radiant as you when I'm preggers! Waiting eagerly for the pics of your bb boy!!

              Renzze Thank you K!! I'm an avid "ghost reader" of your blog!! Hope your big proj on working overseas will be all smooth sailing. Always anticipating beautiful pics from you! I noticed you have a quite a big collection of ribbon stuff too! We all love ribbons!

              xiaoqiiiii Thank you gal! It was really cold that day esp when the wind blew! So, I gotta have that scarf ard my neck! I love your heels!! Esp those intricate details! Where did you get them from?


              • vintage dress,belt, bag
                shoes pedder red


                • girlgirl17: I truly hope so. Need to work really hard to get back to shape.

                  voodoo_mary: I love your vintage purple dress!!!!!!!

                  Renzze: Nice shots! Always love your hair.

                  xiaoqiiiii: I must salute your creativity in fashion. Your outfit is always so interesting with cute and unique accessories.

                  ChanceuxS: LOL, thanks! Don't worry, I'm sure you will be!


                  • Originally posted by toxik View Post
                    babyprincess: Model the shoes for us! Good buy! Looks high, hard to walk in?
                    Shy to model! I took a couple of photo while I trial-walk the heels, not too bad!


                    • Renzze, Looking so sweet!


                      • lilbeaute, true, true. if only we can get the best of both worlds.. and thanks!

                        ChanceuxS, why not wrap more of the dangling ends of the scarf around your neck, so you can show off that lovely ribbon? thank you, my heels are from august ryan, a singaporean label. they used to have two outlets but now i think there's only one in central mall.

                        voodoo_mary, i like that red belt very much.

                        dk, thank you very much


                        • ChanceuxS: thanks for your support! Yes I do have quite a lot of ribbons.. lol... My hubby can't understand my irrational weakness for ribbons!

                          voodoo_mary: your bag is perfect for your outfit.

                          dk: thanks... it's nice only when I take the effort to blow dry it.

                          babyprincess: thank you!


                          • The big move for my friend's shop... I wore a tee with shorts. More pics here.

                            Woke up real early to be driver for the last day of the move… helping out with odds and ends. Then ended the day at my parent’s place.


                            • Renzee: u look effortlessly chic in the hoodie dress
                              ( and u make the dress looks nice! )


                              • Renzze, such a cute blue dress you have there