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  • voodoo_mary
    lovely RT dress

    hi (wave wave) happybean . love yr cardi + white jeans? combi.
    casual, comfy and smart

    hehehehe you are a real "C" queen. it takes a "C" queen to detect a "C" bag

    yes, that's a lace at the waist area. allow me to say this again "you are a goddess in this shopbop number - spectacular!" you are consistently stunning


    aaarrrrrrhhhhhhhhhhhh (scream)
    i saw it. i saw it. i saw it. weeuwee....
    very exquisite amethyst dear
    let the amethyst stands out against white/cream outfits
    glad you are 'inspired' and 'intoxicated' here...muahhaahhh (wicked laugh)

    welcome kiamcai (yr nick made me laugh)
    like you in the oreandress - very sweet
    and oh please you are anything but kiamcai (can't stop laughing when i type kiamcai)


    • thanks cheryl, renzze

      ck romper, vintage belt, vintage gucci, nine west shoes


      • kiamcai: i like the pink korean dress that u wore on day 8 and the dress u wore at the restaurant on day 7! may i know where did u get them from?

        everyone looks so great im tempted to post what i wear too! maybe i'll try after my exams!


        • For work yesterday.


          • Kiamcai, you are so well dressed. I love your pink coat and ribbon shorts.


            • melodyn: i have the same BC satin corset top as you

              Renzze: can't help but rave about your stuff, they are really too pretty! i love the DIOR shoes, must be pricey. envy envy. it's a really nice pair. loving the cute little dress that you wore for your virgin Brazilian experience, is that the same shoes? :D i think i fell in love with the shoes. ahhh. the dress that you wore to your colleague's wedding, you look like a greek goddess. lovely! and the bejewelled dress from BC looks good on you too

              seldom see you here, but it is nice to see you around hehe.

              glitzy: you look good in this, i can never pull off that shawl cardigan look with a belt.

              voodoo_mary: loving your moschino top, very vibrant prints! the nude ensemble is pretty neat too!

              tartine: you are a chanel girl at heart eh? you always post lovely "CC" pics all the time hehehe.


              • Here are mine (and my son) during our road trip


                • dk, these photos are so well taken...and you look so your blouse. your DS is so adorable


                  • Cheryl Poon: Thks.. Haha.. My nick was inspired by Meteor Garden (Shancai) many many yrs ago.. and I been using tt nick since.

                    fashionwonders: The dress is from Mayuki which I bought at Shilin Night Market in Taiwan (maybe u are able to find it online) and the korean dress was bought from a store which sells Korean dresses in Wufenpu, Taiwan..

                    Kaoriko: Thk u


                    • dk: ur son is sssooo cute!!!!


                      • dk: wow, your hair is so long now very nice and you have an extremely adorable child


                        • dk stunning photos as usual! u look great!
                          and your son too


                          • dk

                            great photos. loved the photos.
                            you looked fabulous and son is so adorable
                            have a nice bonding time


                            • dk, nice nice... and your son is so adorable can!


                              • looking radiant, dk. your son has inherited your good-looking genes

                                Thanks Renzze, Cheryl_Poon and Deebz

                                Tartine, i just realised just how almost all-white you were referring to - even my phone, jewellery and watch are all white-ish (or white gold with white stones, white watch face, etc)

                                my outfit today, running errands
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