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  • Originally posted by beibei
    Hihi, I bought this online! And its cheap too!

    hmmm i think i saw this kind of earrings at woodlands civic plaza, outside the library entrance, selling for $2! u gals may wanna check it out...but it was quite some time back, aint sure if the stall is still there...


    • i also have it... from e-shop right...


      • Hii, comparing to the website & the BV3410 shop, I still think that the 3410 shop earrings are nicer. Not so rough on the edges. My friend think that my 3410 earrings looks expensive!


        • there's 3410 earrings. Will there be any 3410 necklaces too? LoL!

          Cos i've past my earrings craze phase, i even told my sis she can pick anything she like fr my collection, i'll gladly give them to her. But she only picked 1. It's one of those 245 i got fr FEP with vernis. :Doh:

          Now i'm into necklaces. Any rec on cheap and nice ones? but well, don't look cheap type? Heee...


          • Originally posted by kpobody
            yourstruly, you're in luck.

            I stumbled unto this website that sells cheap chandelier earrings.


            You can buy it at the wholesale price of 30 pieces

            or it's S$10 for 3.

            Disclaimer: i am not the owner of the website. I stumbled it at yahoo! auctions.
            Wow, thanks I will go check it out.

            Btw, I bought mine from Bugis at 3 for $10


            • There's this jewellery store in front of Guardian at IMM.

              Their earrings are selling for $2 only!

              And the quality is like the 3 for $10 type.


              • You can get $2 earrings @ Toa Payoh HDB Hub atrium too. The designs are pretty ! I've bought quite a few pairs from them already..


                • the HDB hub near the MRT?

                  I haven't been to Toa Payoh since I was a little girl.


                  • Yup, it links right to the bus interchange. So you can't miss it! HTHS!