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    hi kare!

    didn't see this thread until today and hope still not too late.

    just in case any of you gals are interested in swaroskvi beads & pearls & semi precious stone with 925 sterling silver earrings hooks, clasps and components and email me after viewing the below snail downloading free webhosting site (thousand humble apolgises abt that)

    Alternatively you can had a better feel and look at flowers in the attic where my stuff are nearer to the mirror showcase and the other side showcase of jewelry are belong to another lady who consigned there.



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      Great stuff on that website!!!

      Joce, you'd better take a look....there's a necklace which has got your name on it....literally!


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        Originally posted by pandora76
        Great stuff on that website!!!

        Joce, you'd better take a look....there's a necklace which has got your name on it....literally!
        Which one???? The website is a bit cranky.


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          Originally posted by omveganyogi

          Thanks!! Will have to check it tomorrow instead. Somehow, I couldn't get past the first page. :piss:


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            hi girls,

            many sorries for the cranky website cos is a free webhosting site and so i was thinking whether shd i actaully get a better one with some $ involved but on the other had i notice local are just not net savvy compared to other countries.

            They would love to feel and try before they buy and also worry on the colour may not appear same on screen ....

            sorries again

            p/s: if pic dun show, click on refresh and u might get to see a proper full page


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              maybe i wld suggest paperdoll and jo's craft? they have really nice designs. =)


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                Chandelier Earrings

                Hello gals!

                Which place sell nice silvery chandelier earrings ? I like them to be plain silvery and sans the crystals...

                Suddenly, i just like them.....


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                  I saw this place at Jurong Point 3rd floor selling them. I've forgotten the name of the shop though, just remember that its near the barber and the travel agency. Its selling earrings and accessories. Opps I don't seem to be of much help here...


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                    I may not be much help here but there is one shop called Katriel in Holland V and a new outlet at Paragon. They design and make their own jewellery.

                    I used to frequent their outlet at HV (lower end stuff like beads etc of jewellery) and today I chanced upon their newer outlet at paragon 3rd Level.

                    I got a pair of chandelier earrings with fire-'roasted' crystals in the most magnificent bronze colours! This outlet deals mostly with semi precious stones and most of their designs are one-off. Which means you will not see anyone else wearing the same item as you!

                    Good place to visit if you like chunky types of jewellery with semi precious stones settings. Whimsical patterns of butterflies, flowers are the 'logo' of Katriel. However, prices range on the steep side. From $78-$2000+??

                    The outlet at HV will stock pieces of more modest pricings But nevertheless attractive

                    The paragon outlet has a promotion with DBS bank and from now till Feb?? They have a storewide 10% discount
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                      for plain silver ones, check out Watts In at Heeren. saw some featured in Cleo. cheap and cute. you can buy lots.


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                        Thanxs gals !!

                        I will definately check out Watts In... they have an oulet in FEP right?

                        Wow teiko, that shop seem so nice but it is way off my budget... am just hopping to snag 1 or 2 pairs and wear for CNY .. hahah if not not many occasions can wear also.


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                          Hihi, I think maybe the HV one will be more feasible


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                            another place to check out is Future State. some of their earrings are only $9.


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                              Originally posted by michannat
                              another place to check out is Future State. some of their earrings are only $9.

                              I used to go to future state for earrings but now the prices have gone up by so much...couldn't find any nice ones below 10 bucks...most of the dangly ones are $15 onwards


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                                I used to buy from Future State but it rust (maybe due to mishandling?) so i would rather buy from FEP those lil' shops. I cant find any nice earrings from Watts In. Would recommend Moon River at 3rd floor (newly opened). They have a range from earrings to bracelets including those antique finish bronze like.

                                TOPSHOP would be another alternative for retro and some cheap and nice earrings. Bought a silver dangling one for $9. Worth buy!