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  • Blush - Good??

    Are the stuffs sold in Blush good??? Particularly their Bras, Panties and G-String???

    I am tempted to go in once (the branch in Paragon) but was a bit scared becos their SA are standing all over the place.
    I am worried that they might be pushy.

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    They carry many different brands, each have their own styles and prices. I've shopped at Blush! 3-4 times, and found that I prefer the cust service at Paragon. The SAs there were the friendliest and most obliging.


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      Personally, I've never bought anything there but my bf did! The purchase was not for himself lah. I went there a few times and the SAs will offer assistance when you ask. They will not follow you around but leave you alone to browse.

      I did grill him about the SAs there and he commented that they are really friendly and helpful. HELPFUL?? :roll:

      The gift box is simple and chic. All black with BLUSH written on it and tied with golden ribbons.

      I own one of their in-house brand 'nightie' and quality remains after a few washes. Not too sure about the price though....shouldn't be too expensive.


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        Just my opinion here, but there's nothing fantastic in there. The bras are just so-so....of course this will vary from individual to individual, but I don't find their stuff particularly fantastic on. Boring, too! And their sleepwear is way overpriced. I mean, it's only polyester, not silk or anything...and polyester is YUCKY to sleep in.

        Not impressed at all.

        By the way, did you know that at the entrance of the Scotts store there's a webcam? There's some local website where you can look at the 'view' from various parts of Singapore. One view is from an elevated position on the ECP. And the other view is at the entrance of the BLUSH store!


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          i like Blush. i just bought two very pretty bras from there for $8, but the knickers look boring.

          the SA was very friendly. she helped measure me and look for bras in my size. there are not many C cups for the $8 ones though, and no D cups. but there're really cute B cups, etc.

          i went to the Centrepoint one.

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