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    "Une Nana Cool is french word for "stylish girl". It is Wacoal promise of quality merchandise at reasonable price. Product ranging from bra - panties to accessories: towels, swimwear, bags, stationery, iron-on applique. New @ Parco Bugis Junction #02-20."

    Next... Wacoal BIG Bazaar @ Isetan Scotts Level 1 (June 20 - 26) SHOP!

    I patronised the shop on tuesday and i think their undies are affordable. I like their changable bra straps lots!!

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    Eeeks....magic word....affordable. Could you quote me a price range for the bras? $50?? :roll:

    nah i think not even 50. My girlfriend pulled me away from the shop after 5mins cos she knows i can't buy anymore! But i caught a glimpse for every design, its $30+ for most the bras!!! Magic word again!!!

    There's a cute rainbow boyshorts that is only $12.50! I wanttt!!


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      :wheee: :wheee: Got to check this out! I received the mailer 2 days ago... to sit and wait for next month. I'm broke.

      Edited to add in this..." From end June 2003, every $30 purchase of une nana cool product will earn you a stamp on the point card. Complete 6 stamps and exchange for a original une nana cool product."


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        went into the shop @ bugis today, nice stuffs they have.... i know where to head to next time when i need some new lingeries


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          Didn't walk in there. The cami sets shown on the catalog are just so lovely.


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            I checked it out earlier, there are some nice bras made of pretty decent fabric (for the price) but not all. And the undies are a no-no, the fabric looks rather terrible and scratchy, not the usual wacoal quality at all. Overall, its a place for great bra finds if you pick carefully!


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              cheap lingerie?? i like... but do they have seamless stuff you can wear underneath tanks?


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                Originally posted by pandora76
                Nic, you are Lingerie Queen! I will remember your hit count when I visit the shop and that will definitely make me feel better.

                Am keen on their bra straps and camis....
                oh their bra straps are so pretty. Nic bought this really sweet strap...Take their catalogue. Lovely camis...


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                  Yeah the straps are really cute! frilly and cutsy colors!


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                    I can only see online, but already so tempted.. They are so cute!!This has added on to the many reasons why i should visit Bugis in dec.


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                      Well well, bumped into Dol tonight.

                      Gals who are, er, 'petite' like me....this shop is a godsend! The bras go as small as 65, which is even smaller than the regular 70 bandwidth outside! No more slippage!

                      Pretty pretty stuff they have there! You must go see it yourself....too much to describe....I was like a kid in a candy shop. So many lovely colours and prints!

                      Exercised incredible self restraint and ended up with a really comfy bra ($36) and 3 different bra straps. I bought the plain satin double straps in candy colours so I can wear them with my matching spag tops. May head back for the frilly ones...they are really too cute!

                      Catalogues - kept behind the counter. Ask and you will receive.


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                        wow! this new range sounds good! plus it's at... bugis? my new workplace! thanks for the heads up!


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                          do their bras come in band size 80? :huh:


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                            what sizes to they go up to? thanks.


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                              from their webpage, their largest size seems to be 75f.

                              i'm usually an 80b, and was wondering if the bugis shop has bras in my size...but in any case, i can usually do a 75c.

                              this is cute:

                              would they happen to have christmas sales?
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