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    I love the Kimono inspired skirt from Flowers in the Attic! But i didn't see it when i was there on friday. Any other places which sell similar stuff?

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    I saw some minis in the exact same fabric at a shop in FEP....same level as Gripz, around the same area too. However I felt that the shape of those skirts wasn't as nice as the FITA skirt....

    Alternatively you could call FITA and ask them if they still have stock of the kimono skirt.


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      If i didnt remember wrongly, FITA has 2 outlets. But i forgot where's the second? Can find out for you.


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        2nd outlet is called Roses In The Loft, basement of PLaza Sing. They don't sell the same stuff as FITA; RITL has more working clothes. IMO, pretty boring. FITA still sells more original, bohemian-y pieces.


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          Hey Cailing, think you'll like the shop i mentioned in another thread, the one next to Gripz at FEP they've got this really gorgeous kimono-skirt that i really liked too but i chose the dress in the end, do check out the place!


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            Hi Cailing! :wave:

            yup i remember seeing this skirt in the small shop next to gripz at FEP with Pauline and Xue. and they have many other kimono-inspired tops/dress/skirt also! nice shop!!!


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              ohhh......looks like i have to make a trip down there again! Everything seemed too loud and garish for me when i last stepped in there. All too formal and glam?


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                really? i find his stuff a tad subdued at times!

                you must really search in that little place. lots of "hidden treasures" as Anna, Pauline and I realised