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help! advice needed on coats

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  • help! advice needed on coats

    hey dears, i need advice!

    i'm eyeing this gorgeous shearling coat from Zara.

    it's cream and sits nicely on my hips. as with most shearling coats, it's suede-like on the outside, furry on the inside. the sleeves are also trimmed with fur. the cut is quite fitted and there are no details outside. it has a cute little hood and a zip down the front, so i can zip up and cuddle in and become a polar bear

    this coat would cost about S$200 and my scholarship gives me S$970 for warm clothing allowance.

    and here's the problem.... should i buy it?

    i want to because:
    a) i've ALWAYS wanted a shearling coat and i've been looking forever
    b) it's gorgeous
    c) it's pretty affordable

    i'm hesistating because:
    a) i have THREE other coats - one black wool trenchcoat down to mid-thighs, one black puffy fitted fur-trimmed hooded coat down to my knees, one fur/suede-line waterproof windbreaker that was my father's....
    b) i'm not sure i should spend so much money at a go
    c) there might be nicer and cheaper coats in london
    d) it may not be warm enough for winter

    i need help!! i've been resisting thus far (helps that MOE hasn't transferred the money yet ) but i really don't know what i should do.

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    If you've always wanted it, I'd say buy it. SG $200 seems about right for a coat.

    But you have to consider how you're going to bring it to London with you especially since you have alot of other stuff to bring and you can only handcarry one coat on the plane with you. What's your baggage allowance like?


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      What's the coat made of dear?

      Normal wool, cashmere? Just acrylic? The percentages could have an effect on how warm it keeps you. London gets quite cold in winter, and if it's cream it'll be harder to upkeep. Just my 2 cents worth!


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        $200 sounds alright for a coat.. however, like you said, you might find nicer (and perhaps cheaper) ones in London! before i went to Europe, i fretted over buying a pair of boots in Singapore, but when i was there, i found so many nicer and cheaper pairs!

        hmm, but anyway, the coat you described sounds really nice...... haha, maybe you should get it afterall!


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          Xue agree with Jo that you need to consider what the coat is made of. Also London clothing sizes do run big, so you might have a hard time finding the perfect coat in your teeny tiny size


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            When u say the sleeves trimmed with fur, you mean outside or inside? :huh: I love the fur on the outside look esp at the collar and sleeves. Very beverly hills! So chi chi! How I wish I can wear that in Singapore!

            Can't advise you whether to buy coz I'm a implusive shopper! I'll just till you to *gulp* b--u-y.


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              Hey Xue, after buying the coat, you will still have some allowance left, so buy it.. Go on, give yourself a treat. Dont we all need to be pampered?

              :shout: BUY BUY BUY


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                my turn

                GET IT!

                1) london sizes are quite big so you might have trouble buying nice coats that fit you
                2) it's cream! nice change from the other black/grey/dk brown
                3) fur trimmed coats ALWAYS feel quite glamourous

                just some points to note
                - is it wool? cashmere? if so, what's the percentage? a high wool percentage would be better (at least 50%)
                - what sort of fur is it? will it be difficult to upkeep?
                - baggage allowance? i reckon, if worse comes to worse, bring the trenchcoat first cos that's versatile, and get your family to fedex the rest over later. in sept it doesn't get *that* cold yet.
                - how slim fitting is it? does it allow enough space for 2 layers underneath?


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                  Hi Xue,

                  In London, the good stuff at Zara sells out really fast esp. in the small sizes, as it's considered really good value for money. From my experience, if u really like something, grab it bcos it might have sold out by your next visit. Apart from Zara, try H&M when you reach London as they have nice affordable coats and jackets too. HTH!


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                    GET IT!!! size-wise it'll fit u much better. it's really hard to find clothes, esp winter coats that fit well overseas (with exception of the asian countries).


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                      haha, everyone's telling me to get it! i'm so tempted... but all of you have raised really good points (esp char! ) - thanks so much!

                      gingerbread: the allowance is 30kg? but my mom's going to bring some stuff over when she goes over a day earlier. and my bf can lug nonessential items over if i'm really desperate a month later.

                      chel: that's my worry!!!

                      stressed: hahaha, same taste! LOL fur-trimmed on the sleeves and inside.

                      karen! you and my teeny size! at most, i go to the kid's section! nah la, i fit a UK size 8 quite comfortably.

                      hunny: cannot pamper myself anymore! i pampered myself so much, i spent more than S$1000 each month for June & July.

                      vix: it seems quite easy to maintain, since it's fake. it is quite fitted, but can definitely fit one sweater at the very least.

                      elize: i plan to become a hermit in London! keep hearing horror stories of how expensive stuff is over there, especially since the exchange rate is now approaching 1pd = S$3. do you live in london?

                      lauren: sorry for being blur but won't sizes be the same for zara worldwide? or have i been in the dark all along? :sotong:
                      went back today and checked it out again. realised it's fake (duh! for the price.. ) but the fakeness is quite evident to me... :sotong: or maybe it's the perfectionist in me? i'm seriously yearning for it... sigh, shall need more opinions in person. shopping trip anyone??


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                        xue, i'm not sure about zara but i do know that many labels have different factories ard the world and they somehow size stuff differently - in asia, a 'small' is diff from in let's say aust/US. the cutting can be diff too.

                        well... u'll find out soon enough when u get to london


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                          oh.. ok! thanks! i never knew this before, blur me!

                          i guess it'll definitely be that way in UK since people there have quite different body shapes from asians. i miss oz!!!


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                            i have to say that well-fitting coats are really hard to find for me in aust. do far... my perfect fit trench comes from Jigsaw (wh u'll find too in the UK).

                            u're taller xue so u might have an easier time compared to me.

                            come visit oz again


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                              i guess the height helps a little generally, since girls there tend to be bigger. the only problem is that i can't buy undies since they don't have my size! (Karen's probably going to be popping up soon and declaring this is proof that i'm tiny! )

                              i'd love to go back to oz, but to a different state this time. still haven't explored sydney, brisbane, melbourne... i love the stores there too! they're all super duper cheap! you girls are so lucky!