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  • New Challenge - Downsize

    It is always easier to acquire (money being the only factor?).

    However, it is more difficult to downsize. Over the years, I've managed to acquire many things , some of which are not even available in Singapore. With Internet, can shop, I say.

    What inspires this new challenge? I just packed my short skirts department and found out that I have a total of 40 short skirts. I haven't worn 4 of them which is 10% of all the short skirts because they've either been bought recently or I love the skirts so much that I couldn't bear to 'break' into them. And this is after deciding to downsize , meaning 40 is after I've gotten rid of several of them. Meaning, I can wear a different skirt everyday for a month, and still have some left over for the next month, before rotating all over again. :sotong:

    And this doesn't yet include the long skirts and pants!

    I love the shirts I own, so getting rid of more skirts proves to be difficult. What's easier now would be to stop buying short skirts.

    So I hereby declare I'm keeping the number of short skirts at 40 until December 2003 Review

    Next up for downsizing would be the number of cosmetics items

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    hear hear!

    packing for London made me realise just how much stuff i had accummulated. it's scary how many things there are that i think i can't do without. :sotong: somehow, i feel that this dependence on so many objects and the constant accummulation of unnecessary things is definitely not good.

    good thread Karen!

    packing shall be a good way to downsize!


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      AYE! says me. I will attempt to DOWNSIZE the number of tops I buy! I buy (and buy) and stare at them at home! From here on, it's not more than one top a month.

      I also want to downsize (literally) my pants/skirt size.