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    There are several types of levi jeans cutting for ladies. In your opinion, which is the best/most flattering cut to go for?
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    hallo ***,

    i think the 501 is flattering. straight cut, buttom fly, at waist line.
    577 or 599 is boot cut, low waist. My bottom is heavier. While i tried on other jeans, the hip gets tight and the waist get loose. u know... the not-so-proportionate type of figure (read: pear). But 501 is just nice and flattering.

    what jeans u looking for? I read that low waist is more flattering (on the hips) than those at waist line? How come!?!


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      I think 593 is the best cutting for me so far besides 599 and 577. Super low waist jeans are very sexy!


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        For me it'll be 577, 593, 599 ...can't wear the other types well cause they're not fitting enough!


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          i low waisted jeans so i'd go for either 593 or 599! don't like 501 and 577 as it sits higher on the waist.. i like the type 1 fit too though its not as low


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            I love 450 and 452, both low-waisted with a slight flare. Very flattering. But not available in SG I think.


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              personally, Levis just doesn't fit me well.
              1 size is tight round the thighs ( ) but the next size makes a gaping space from the small of my back when i sit down, uh and other such aesthetic details. :roll: okaaay...

              a pity though cos' they look so good on almost everyone!
              593s & 599s are very popular i notice, they look low and good on everyone...
              but i think, even for me, usually in different cuts, we can be different sizes for Levis? like, for 593 i can't buckle up for a size25 but for a 599, i can?? is this true for the rest of you Levi girls?

              hmmm. maybe i'll give Levis another try again...


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                593's lower on the hips so you might have to wear 1 size smaller to fit into it

                but i wear the same size for both actually cause i don't like it being too loose and baggy.. fiona and i found out a trick, if you can't button the top button for the jeans, it wouldn't stretch that much after wearing it a few times and fit nicely even after a few wears (alot of people have the problem of it stretching and expanding till its too baggy after a few wears)


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                  woah...u girls are really into Levis!

         it does stretch!!!
                  goodness, i always feel that levis that fits is still is super super tight when i try it on... feel like a strangled elephant. so i'm looking at the rest of the population looking so good in their Levis jeans and i'm thinking "how come i'm the only strangled elephant?"...

                  ok, shall head to the Levis store again then. (bad, bad..)


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                    anyone bought levis lady style?

                    hey everyone, the new levis lady style series are now in town. I think they are pretty cool, the jeans are tight and slim, make me feel very sexy hee.. just wondering anyone out there bought the jean? which cutting you bought? i bought the shoe-cut, but think tomorrow i am going to change for a boot-cut, think boot-cut still look better on me. hee, me very flicker-minded.
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                      is it the ones with the shiny studs on the back pockets?

                      the look of it! but it's too expensive for me (currently broke.. )

                      is shoe cut a new design? didn't hear of it..


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                        yah shoe cut is something new, maybe you can check out the website,
                        the differences are not very big among the 4 jeans, the shoe cut is almost like the tight cut, you must look closely at the bottom of the jean. The one with the crystal is more expensive at $189.50, it comes with only the boot cut.


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                          but think i wouldn't be able to afford another levis.. just bought a new 593 few weeks ago.. maybe after i've saved enough.

                          don't think i'll suit the shoe cut though.. too used to boot cut. thanks again for the web site! will go have a look!


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                            I actually find the heart shaped pockets weird and tacky, and plus crystals on it-brings back bad memories of one of those triumph ads with crystal tattoo

                            though the cut is very nice and slimming!


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                              I just bought it and boy am i in love........ Definitely lady's style. Great cut. Brings out or at least gives the impression of long legs and nice ass. It's worth the money. By the way, the crystal one is super LE and sz 25 is sold out totally since last week and sz 26 is 90% gone as well.