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    Hey gals

    Did you notice there's a MAC boutique (I don't know selling what but definitely not MU) at the Bugis Village's shophouses??
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    I saw i saw!

    But don't know what they are selling, should be shoes coz people carrying their paper bag which looks like that's a shoe box inside

    My hubby tease me when he saw a lady carrying their paper bag with a large 'MAC' wording and say 'wow auntie, great haul huh'
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      Yup, I walked past that shop. It sells shoes and bags.
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        I thought I saw shoes too each time I pass by the shop. Wondering about the trademarks and copyrights... :huh:


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          Queenie, *LOL* that's my first reaction when i saw the *logo* outside the shop.
          "hey! i didn't know there's a MAC shop here!!"
          ... then "no... they are selling shoes, not cosmetics!!!"
          "their logo looks exactly the same as MAC cosmetics!!! blah blah blah...." my SO thought i made a big fuss out of it...


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            I saw a lady holding the paper bag in the mrt i was in the train yesterday!


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              oh i past by the shop after tuition every friday. they've got pretty nice shoes at rather reasonble prices too. =) they're some spanish brand apparently.
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                Bought my 5th pair of shoes this month from a shoe shop at Bugis Village called MAC. Quite coincidentally they have the same name as the MAC cosmetics so they will be changing their name to Da Vinci from next month (I think it is because of the trademark thingy)

                There are so many people carrying their paper bags in Bugis Junction and I just had to step in when I chance upon the shop.

                Most of the shoes are made in Spain(this is a spain brand). Shoes are pretty fashionable. Prices range from $37 -$117. Now they are having a 20% discount storewide and you get a members card after spending $88. The card entitles you to a 30% discount

                Really, really liked the concept of the place with draperies, big lounge sofas, soft lights and of course, crystal chandeliers(since Da Vinci is a household brand that have soft and hard furnishings)BTW, the SA told me that each chandelier cost more than $1000. Stuff are pretty helpful, I tried on a few pairs and hesitated for quite some time before I got anything at all.

                Definately worth to take a look. Especially if you are a shoe freak!! They have bags too! Clothes will be coming in later.

                Shoes are definately very 'european' looking with many pointy shoes without slingbacks. Saw a pair of ballerina slippers but did not get to buy it cos' their sizes do run a bit smaller than usual
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                  I've long heard about MAC the shoe store. When I met Riverie at Bugis, she was carrying paper bagS from MAC. She was raving about the shoes there.

                  I've long wanted to check out the store since then but Bugis Junction is so out of the way for me.


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                    Wow, fifth pair of shoes! I dropped by once after work after hearing Queenie's rave but I can't find anything I fancy. Think they are too girly for me I must comment about their helpful staff too


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                      Karen-> I think you will like the ambience of the shop

                      Rach-> The shoes at the front don't really catch my fancy too. I liked those at the back Bought a pair of pointed toes, denim ones. This is my first pair with the pointy heels. I liked it cos it has sequins of the word MAC sewn onto it. The next shipment will have DA sewn onto it cos they will be changing their name.

                      Yup! 5th pair. I could kill myself 2 pairs from URS, 2 pairs from Gosh(sporty, ballerina like red shoes from Indonesia) and this pair...... I also don't know when I will be able to wear them.....

                      URS is to get the card, Gosh is because I can't get them in Singapore and MAC cos it is the last pair!
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                        Those pointy heels! Argggghhh...I never have much luck with them. Those I like are like inches high and a killer to wear them. I'm forbidding myself to buy them anymore. I just never wear them enough and they are sitting pretty on my shoe rack collecting dust.

                        That sporty, ballerina like red shoes you bought in Indonesia sounds really pretty!

                        Bite your shoe first, else they 'bite' you


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                          Originally posted by raebelasian
                          Bite your shoe first, else they 'bite' you
                          Then I will wear 'teeth-marked' shoes on my feet

                          Cant get my digi cam to work it properly. Else I can post a pic of the ballerina-like shoes.


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                            The store is changing its name to Vincci. I guess probably cos of the trademark thingy with MAC cosmetics

                            They were having a membership drive some weeks ago. Buy $80 to get their membership card that entitles you to 30% discount off their stuff

                            Shoes are quite nice and pricing is reasonable too.


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                              Vincci? as in the one we have across the causeway? that would be good news.