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    Yes, they are overpriced, because comparatively, I can get good designs that I want from stores in the malls, at cheaper or the same price. And a lot of times, the exact same designs also appear at push carts, selling at $10.

    And the most important thing is that, from the mall, I get to feel the material.

    About 60-80% of the clothes I bought online are of inferior material that I absolutely refuse to wear.

    My good friend used to be a blogshop owner, and she told me the cost price of her bags. I am fine with them earning IF the material is good enough. But no. She also admitted that some of the bags, she will not use, and told me which ones not to buy from her shop.


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      to be honest, $22 or $25 for a dress is a pretty reasonable price for blogshops. BUT all the blogshops i've seen so far, the quality of the material and the fit and cutting are all so lousy! i've bought stuff from the famous blogshops and they aren't any better either.


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        i don't consider anything under $30 as overpriced. i agree that sometimes the quality is really bad. but i've bought really good quality ones too.

        the point of starting a business is to earn money. so what if they're selling at 4-5x above cost price? isn't every business out there doing the same thing???

        i know these clothes probably cost $5 in HK or Shenzhen. but seriously, most people here don't fly THAT much so isn't it easier if we just buy it online?


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          Whether they are over-priced or not is up to individual price?s sensitivity. But we need to take into considerations the time, efforts and risks of setting up a blogshop, such as ordering stocks, time in taking photos, hiring models, risks of holding stocks, checking and updating status, etc? If you have not study accounting, you will not know how a right markup is being done, taking all factors into consideration. It is not as simply as taking cost price * margin. So after taking all factors into consideration, they might be marking up 80-100% (which is ard 2times)? this is almost the same as retail stores just that they do not need to pay rentals or hire staffs to do it. So for blogshop owners, they really have to take in account of these costs, else they will operate at a loss!!

          Personally I do not frequently buy online as I m a little big size. So I cant wear a lot of free-size clothing.. this is sad.. hahha.. but I do fancy some dresses that are sold online. However, I will only buy if they quality is reasonable. I will definitely not patronize again if the quality of clothing is not far off from what they claimed or seen from photos.


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            Oh.... i went to dressabella and found a clothes i like. Then my friend recommend me to (which is a new blog ***) then i actually found the same clothes but much more cheaper! Felt so pissed. In future, i have to compare price with those new blogshop ****. Think new blogshop also hope to survive so their price are way much reasonable than other bigger blogshop. I find shopping at bigger blogshop really ...... Service slow, replying slow and still charged so high!


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              I guess blogshops need to earn money too, that's why they can't price their items too low. But as a online shopper, itwon't kill if u do ur homework and look around first before buying.


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                whether you're a seller or buyer, do your homework first.
                if you're a seller, please don't bring in clothings of inferior quality to sell.
                as buyers, also remember to look around first and if possible, ask the sellers about the quality or ask for a close up picture.

                Standard range of pricing for blogshops are usually under $30. $30 for better quality ones. I don't think i'll go to BV to get those $10 ones because those seem as though you're just going to wear them for one time only... quality is really bad. lol


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                  i agree with what Raining-Poo said.
                  i always go around many different blogshop to find the most reasonable price.

                  Example was those plain white oversized tee.
                  I bought mine at a blogshop at 10 bucks , but after that i went to many other blogshops and i was astonished to see that other blogshops are selling them at a range of 12 bucks up to 20.
                  When they claim that quality is super good.


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                    Ashymint85 I totally agree with what you said... Had been buying a couple of items recently and the sight of other BS selling the exact same pieces at far lower prices just pissed me off so badly...

                    Just to share, 3 BS selling the exact same piece (chanel-inspired jacket) at totally different prices -.-"


                    *pulls hair*


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                      When ones calls it 'Chanel-inspired', another would follow and term the same thing.
                      I don't see how those jackets are 'Chanel-inspired' at all, they are just plain blazers with contrast piping.


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                        Has anyone bought anything from The Scarlette before?
                        I quite like their dresses but I think it is way too expensive
                        cause I never try and never touch the material of the outfit
                        to pay for that price.

                        If their material is good I won't mind buying.
                        My friend once bought a dress from ohsofickle and the material is really bad.
                        What I think very important is the quality of the clothes.


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                          hi! after reading some of the replies, i've to say that i believe that some online shops are selling way to high a price. and what's more, we can't feel the quality of the clothes too! but i believe that there are also some online shops which sell at reasonable prices, lik $24, more or less. some may be cheaper or even more ex. for those clothes u can find at BS, i believe that online shops are selling at much a more expensive price. but those u can't find there, i believe that the prices are quite reasonable.

                          as read, online shops need not pay for rental, i think that is the reason why i can find some cheaper clothes online as compared to those shopping malls which sells clothes u can find online too!!! and at prices lik 30 plus!!! i believe *** online shopping, ppl can save some money too.


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                            Originally posted by deadlyrose View Post
                            OVERPRICED YES.

                            As a blog owner myself i use to go to online markets and seek suppliers, and sell the stuff, though i made sure i do not sell non-authentic fake stuff and claim they are real if u get what i mean. Cuz im lazy i stopped doing online business but i dare say all these gurls do is just have fun camwhoring and taking pics of themselves like a personal portfolio and they sell clothings that are made of ok-ok not bad material or shitty material provided by suppliers and they earn at least 4x profits!
                            THEY WIN WE LOSE , HELLO. They get popularity, camwhore pics, money.

                            so girls, seriously, stop being so materialistic and pay $30 for something u know is worth around less than half of what ure paying.
                            What i do is buy the leftovers, i scout the blogs and kinda stalk the buyers who left their info behind, of items I REALLY DESIRE or u can scout Cozycot mall, and when someone is selling it, JUMP AT IT, but of cuz pretend to be not so interested in it and maybe give up if the seller refuse to lower the price, cuz we all know that if the seller is desperate, the seller will contact u back....IN TIME. Losing the item means having money for a great shot at the real authentic piece u saw at ZARA etc.
                            Its not really ur loss girls, remember that, its not ur loss, cuz some chick is gonna be paying alot for something that u urself can create, but ure just plain lazy, and it looks so much better on urself than her and u know that.
                            hear hear! you said it for me.
                            i never buy from blogshops too, just scour around cotters mall.
                            personally, i think it is silly to want to look like everyone else.
                            and i dont want those blogshop owners to get my hard earned $$!


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                              Maybe clothes from the brick and mortar stores like zara are also less than half of what we are paying? Since most of the stuffs now are manufactured in china. Likewise, the clothes comes in huge quantity too. Just my 2 cents.

                              But i do feel that clothes in blogshops are of inferior quality as compared as definitely overpriced since they do not require rental.


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                                actually it depends on what blogshops you are buying from. Some blogshops are quite cheap and i would say quality is not bad ! I've got this tube dress for 5months + and i've been wearing it very often. got it for $25 and fabric was good. none of my friends believed that I got it off from online. There are still good deals on onlineshops i guess..