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  • Cool urban clothes

    Yo gals!

    Have you all checked out before?
    Think the stuff here is really cool and grungey! Like their tees especially and they have this really new sexy underwear brand honeydew....

    Heh maybe if I am not too broke at the end of this month, I can start a cozyspree for it...

    This is cute!

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    they have emily the strange too!!! cozyspree cozyspree!!

    so many lovely stuff!


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      yup yup! plus they have sale too.... so some of the emily stuff is actually cheaper... and those emily stuff that are out of stock may be available here too


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        YAY for a cozyspree! ooh!! yes they have emily the strange :thumb:

        uber chic.

        the brand FINE stocks some French Kitty stuff too!!

        i WANT :

        last piece left! :sob:

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          heh hope you gals can wait...cos my exams end around the end of the month.... unless someone wants to go ahead and start first!


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            i've ordered from this site before. takes a pretty long time for orders to get here. for my last order, they wanted me to photocopy the front and back of my credit card which i was extremely reluctant to do so. wrote to customer service and they relented. they answer customer queries pretty fast.