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  • re-design of jewelry

    Dear All,

    I have a Swarovski necklace where i want to re-design into earrings.
    I went to Swarovski outlet but they don't provide this kind of service.

    Do you have any good recommendation?

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    Hi I do not know where you can get the service, but I myself am interested in jewlery designing recently...

    You can try DIY... I know there is a store at People Pk Centre Level 1..
    very HUGE range of jewelry findings.. I know there is one at Dolby Ghaut too.. but PPle's pk price is good & BIG!

    20% & buy 1 get 1 free!!! I saw lots of accessories that you can work with your Swarovski.


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      I like jewelry. I don't know who can do that. If you want a earring, why not buy another?


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        you can try those tiny jewellers at lucky plaza or fep...


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          Thanks for the info


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            I am also into this but I am the one who is doing it on my own way. Of course it will not be as presentable as the professionals can do but when I am wearing it the people dont know that it was just a revised jewelry.

            I like doing this because it is making my stuffs unique since I am combining different jewelries in one thats making it not available in the stores. But of course still buying new pieces.


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              Customizing is nice also. Maybe you want to put together all you pendant and send it to a shop thats doing customizing service? I am imagining a very thick silver necklace and many of your pendant was sticked on it. These are the example:

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                Sorry to say that I have no idea regarding your problem. But why not you bring a new earring instead of redesign. I think buying a new one is good than redesigning the old necklace. I am a jewelry lover and want to use unique design jewelry. Last time I bought an earring from Jewelry1000, which provides top rated silver jewelry at affordable price.