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Ultra Ripped Skinny Jeans?

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  • Ultra Ripped Skinny Jeans?

    Anyone knows where to buy or customise the above? I am looking specifically for this pair as seen on Taylor Momsen in this pic.

    I'm looking for something in acid wash with horizontal rips, not those holes that look like circular patches of fungus growing, hope you guys get what i mean. And cos I don't have enough moolah either, I hope someone can enlighten me on anywhere that sells them not-too-expensive.

    I have seen some at FEP and BV, but they turned out to be those ugly furry patched ones, not what i was looking for.


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    maybe you can try bugis . because i saw some really nice super chio acid wash skinny jeans. but if you want rips on it , maybe you can get someone professional to rip it for you.


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      Hi AmplifyLove, thanks! Will check out Bugis Village soon.


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        You can try ripping your jeans yourself, it's not very hard. When I ripped mine, I used a pair of scissors to cut out random holes, then I threw them in the wash. After washing, you should get the shredded effect.


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          Haha yup i am trying to DIY now, just borrowed a pair of old jeans from my bf to tryout first before i do the actual thing on my own pair.