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  • paul frank/ julius & friends

    Hello girls!

    Any idea where I can find the authentic ones in Singapore??

    Thanks so muchie!

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    i'm pretty sure i've seen paul frank stuff at blackjack at the heeren


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      Stussy at Pacific Plaza; Flash & Splash at Heeren; Surf Babe at Wisma


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        Yah Heeren 2nd level - rather distinctive.

        I prefer their sleeveless ones to their Tshirts though.

        Are their jeans good? Anyone?


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          I love PF!

          Roxy at Wisma and Pacific Plaza
          Stussy at Pacific Plaza
          Blackjack at Heeren ( you can find more of the accessories there! plus they are having sales now! )
          Flash n Splash at Heeren


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            i'm another fan of paul frank!

            i know that centro at heeren sells a lot of their tees and could try there.


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              Thanks girls!!

              Make me so tempted now...

              I think I am really from the 'kampung'... so many PFs around in Orchard and yet I did not notice them.

              *kampung = village in malay.


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                what do you ladies like from paul frank?

                i've been wanting to get the charm bracelet (but it's too big for me), organiser, beach towel, tees, sun visor and undies.


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                  I want the bags! And oh yah, comfy pyjamas...


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                    i love the paul frank purses! both my siblings got them though, so I'm not getting.

                    I love the little tanks too, but I'm planning to 'copy' them at a cheaper price. shall buy cheap tanks from giordano and iron on little Paul Frank designs!


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                      I'm thinking of getting a Paul Frank watch from Ebay (I've never bough anything from Ebay before, and I just registered for paypal yesterday so a total newbie to this), how do I know whether its authentic or not? How much does an authentic PF watch cost in America, US$80- US$100? or more? or less? Is price an indication to whether its authentic?
                      Anyone here has a PF watch? How is the quality and durability like?


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                        To check authenticity, the few things you can do before you bid is
                        1. write to the seller, ask for availablity of warranty card
                        2. check the feedbacks he has and how many watches he has sold.
                        3. Those selling the real thing will usually be very keen to say they have the warranty card or collectable paul frank tin etc. Those who did not mention may not be selling the real thing.
                        Eg this description:

                        Personally, I don't think starting bidding price is a good indication of authenticity.


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                          paul frank bags!

                          Oh... i just love PF bags! simply cute! but i dont see too many of them here in singapore! but there's tonnes of them on ebay!


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                            Hi gals,
                            Check out my BNWT Authentic cute Paul Frank Collectibles HERE


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                              i love PF too.. love the fling flops n their tops.. they've got nice purse n wallets too