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Magnetic tag on clothes! HELP!

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  • Magnetic tag on clothes! HELP!

    I have no idea what to do!

    I bought a Billabong top from the States recently. I just took it out to check a little while ago, and I realized that the magnetic tag is still attached to the top!! The cashier forgot to take it off for me! Does anyone know how I can get rid of it myself? I have no idea where the receipt is, so I can't go to the store (is there a Billabong store anyway?) to get it taken off with the machine! Is it possible to detach the magnetic thingy without using the machine? SIGH.

    I'm not sure if I can post this here, but just thought I'd try my luck since I'm totally clueless on what to do next! Furthermore, it's a present for my BF. And Christmas is in a few days time! Should I try to pry it out? Haha.

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    if the price tag is still on the tag, take it to a flash and splash shop in singapore, they may be able to help after you explain to them clearly (or else they may think u stole the top!)

    alternatively, ask a friend who works at a boutique to help?

    it can't be removed manually, u'll spoil the top


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      the price tag is not on anymore!
      this is sooo upsetting!
      that's the problem. i'm afraid that people would think that i stole the top


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        HAHA! I managed to saw it off without damaging the clothes!
        Not as difficult as I expected though my hands are aching like crazy now. Haha. Okay, mods, you can delete this! Sorry for taking up space here but I was super desperate just now!


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          hi chel

          i'm glad that you got the tag off =)

          a similar situation happened to me when i went on a trip. what happened was ... i was at the cashier paying for my stuff... when the store alarm went off. i didn't think anything about it, and after i purchased my stuff, i just walked out of the store. when i was packing my luggage a few days later, i realized that the tags were still on my stuff!

          then i realized that me and that other person (who set off the store alarm) must have had the same cashier who wasn't taking the tags off the merchandise!! i called the store and they said that they turned off the alarm (when i was walking out) and that's why the alarm didn't go off ... so on my way to the airport, we had to go back to the store so that they could remove the tag. :piss: :piss:

          oh well, now i always check to make sure that the sales people take the tags off

          i didn't know that the tag could be removed manually. hehe


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            good for you dear! Usually, these tags can't be removed manually. When you try, blue indelible ink spurts out everywhere.


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              Haha. Try sawing it off with a hand saw I did it really carefully. Took a long and tedious time, but thank goodness it worked!!

              And from now on, I'm definitely gonna check if all tags are removed before leaving the counter!