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  • Corduroy

    Hey girls!

    I've recently fallen in love with this material thanks to recommendations by the bf. It's wonderfully snug and comfy, great for keeping my legs warm in winter.

    The only problem is i've never bought this material before so i'm not sure how it wears out over time.

    do Corduroy pants expand? a little? a lot? due to washing or wearing?

    does the colour fade easily?

    are there any special care instructions?

    a little blur so any answers would be much appreciated!

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    Ooo I love them too. For no other reason other than I just love the material!!!

    Yes, they tend to expand after wearing not washing. The colours do run but my corduroy jeans are of dark colours. My mum's FCUK's light pink skirt doesn't run tho.....


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      i love the material
      have a jacket which keeps me comfy and warm during winter
      oh well, it is low maintenance IMO! imagine putting them into the washing machine and dryer


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        i think it expands..
        wore a mini during my trip and it seems to have expanded after wearing it a few times! i hope it shrinks after washing though


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          thank you girls!! I was having trouble deciding what size to get for my pants, your advice has helped lots.

          thank you!

          btw, do you know any store that sells more corduroy pants or coats?


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            hi xue, for coats and minis, check out Zara. seen some them there recently. and i just picked up a corduroy beige mini from there too.


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              i picked up a pair of pants from there!! will go back to hunt for more.


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                Giordano has some corduroy bootcuts now