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  • Swimwear (non-bikini)

    Hey girls! :yaya:

    I know lots of us have started threads discussing bikinis, but I would like to devote a thread to proper swimwear that you can do laps in!

    Do you girls know of any shops where I can find proper swimwear of a decent quality that still looks pretty?

    what do you girls look for in a swimsuit?

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    how about doing your laps in a bikini?
    i hate the weird tan lines i get with a normal swimsuit (i rely on my trusty plain black speedo in the past) so i stick with a bikini. just have to ensure that everything's tied securely and i usually go with snaps or buttons rather than strings so far so good


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      i hate padded swimwear so i like to find one which is thick enough without accidentally exposing myself.

      i've always gotten mine from Speedo. current one has lasted for the last 4 years or so.


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        yup, i always wear my bikini even while doing my laps i prefer those that are fuss-free e.g.: no beads, lace or anything filmsy...too many bikinis out there are just good to look at but not practical to wear to the pool


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          I do my laps in a tankini. I need something more secure than a bikini yet not as restrictive as a one piece.


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            Thanks girls! I've been doing my laps in a bikini but it's way too risky! My bikinis can't seem to hold up to all the splashing around.

            A tankini sounds like a fab idea Keiko!

            Mich: four years is a longggg time. will definitely check out Speedo then!


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              i can't wear a bikini without feeling like i need a throw a towel over to cover up. speedo is good. check out TYR too. like keiko's suggestion of a tankini. where do we go? tannlines again?


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                sorry, but what's TYR?? :huh:

                Yes, I would like to know where to go to look for suitable swimwear! seems like all the stores sell really really skimpy stringy bikinis only.


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                  TYR's another brand like speedo

                  try royal sporting house, stadium etc for such brands.


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                    also, maybe Arena. they have a whole boutique at Raffles City. from bikinis to one pieces.. lotsa selection! :late:


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                      i am another supporter of tankini! you don't expose too much (like bikini) and yet you dont' have to take off everything just to pee! (like a one-piece)

                      i got mine from fun-fit at taka. it's a blue floral halter neck top(perfect for A cup gals like me!) and a boycut bottom ( to hide my cellulite at my butt!)

                      remember seeing really pretty tankini in bondi at sydney! in singapore can try big departmental stores like taka, metro, seiyu for nice tankini!


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                        thanks for all the suggestions girls!


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                          FYI, TYR is a competitive swimwear brand. i believe most secschool/jc swimteams use TYR.

                          material is VERY good and lasts AGES!

                          if you don't fancy a tankini, then try a normal PLAIN triangle bikini. i used to do my laps in my plain ole trusty billabong one.


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                            Thanks girls! So I should check out the 'sports' shops like Royal Sporting House, Stadium... etc? As well as departmental stores like Taka, Seiyu...

                            Sorry for being blur, but are there stand-alone stores for Speedo?


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                              hey agree that Speedo is good. my Speedo also lasted for a few years already & it's still in very good shape