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    haha... maybe thats the price to pay to look heavenly for one day?

    anway i didnt actually ordered bras from them (in my last order)... but i am thinking of now but i'm a 32B.... do they look at international size? or US size? :huh: Avo... if you want we can share provided they have my size...
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      it's best to follow the measurement chart that frederick's supply. pierre cardin bras are cut for the asian built.. i'm a VS 32A, bonds 10A but wear a 32B for PC.

      there's a bra-sharing thg going on? -excited-

      this panty is... odd..
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        hi, can someone enlighten me on the cost of shipping? it says that the shipping cost will go by per item. so does the 5 for $9.95 considered as one item or as 5 items? thanks~


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          hehe me and lele are going to share...not only must have size ,must have the right color too...i dont want some granny color.
          only bridget jones can make huge granny panties fashionable...not moi


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            Originally posted by smabbit
            sorry...if i am wearing VNC size 6 so what size should i get for Frederick?? i don't know i am size 30 what?? :huh: anybody please help??
            hello, i checked my charles & keith shoes yesterday also size 6 thus this size 6 is from where? australia or us?? please help thank you.


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              i love the shoes~! but i'm worried that i'll make e wrong purchase.. sigh


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                Here is the reply i got from C&K

                Thank you for your kind feedback dated on 5 October 2004. It is greatly appreciated.

                With regards to your enquiry, our Charles & Keith shoe sizes are based on UK shoe standards. For your shoe size 36, it is equivalent to size 5 for UK standards.

                Thank you for your keen interest in Charles & Keith.

                Yours sincerely,

                CHARLES & KEITH (SINGAPORE)

                Geraldine Lin

                Marketing Executive

                Tel: 6488 2688

                DID: 6488 2618

                Fax: 6488 1649

                Email: [email protected]



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                  Hope this helps


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                    looks like i'll be a US size 7 then.........haahahah sound so huge!


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                      Hi gals, I think the size chart is not really that accurate, especially the instructions for measuring bra size. If I go by their method, I'm a cup DD The bra conversion chart is better. From past experiences, I wear a US - 36B (local/UK 36C) and that is reflected accurately in this chart.

                      As for shoes, I bought a pair off eBay before. That's US size 6.5. Locally, I'm size 5. IMO, if i were to get those covered-up shoes, I might get size 7. Coz if it's slightly bigger, you still can use inserts. Whereas for open-toes/sandals, 6.5 fits better.



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                        thanks a lot =) think i'll stick to size 6 for shoes...cos they only got full sizes


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                          Hi Satinchris,

                          I am sure my size is US 6.5 but if only have full size what size should i take? US size 7 or 6?

                          i called up VNC sales lady ask her VNC is following what country shoe chart she said LOCAL!! i ask local is what? she said local is local l.a.!!


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                            hey i agree with satinchris the Fredericks chart is not accurate!

                            Thanks to avojuice advise i looked up my nike shoes and my shoes clearly stated I am a US size 7 = UK size 4.5 = Eur size 38

                            But over in the Fredericks chart US size 7 = France size 39 (Eur) = UK size 5

                            I am dead sure now i am a EUR size 38 because my renoma made in italy is a size 38.

                            OMG, this Fredericks shoe chart is driving me crazy!!


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                              look what i've found!!

                              i ignored the chart and ordered my usual size - size 5
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                                i got my frederick shoe size correct so to give you a guide line incase you want to buy frederick shoes

                                my shoe size for C&K, VNC is size 6
                                EUR size is 37
                                US size is 7

                                one thing which really make me very very curious thou i ordered US size 7 from frederick but when i got the shoes the box stated size 6 made in china!

                                *sigh* to think we ordered the shoes from US and they were all made in China....well but my mules is really very nice! so don't care from where l.a.