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Dressing for a theme / costume party!

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  • Dressing for a theme / costume party!

    I'm supposed to attend a D & D in February, the theme is : Hawaiian Night. Question is, what to wear?
    Most D & Ds are formal to begin with, so I can't be attending in a 'beachy' outfit like sarong and bikini top or its likes. But on the other hand, because of the theme tagged to it, I can't wear any of my formal dresses either- I need help! Ideas, suggestions, opinions, anyone? What would you wear if you're attending one of these?

    PS: It'll be great if you could list the places that sells whatever you're suggesting.

    Will be eternally grateful!

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    hi mango,

    the last time i attended my friend's D&D, it was also hawaiian themed. i didn't bother to dress up but most of the girls wore short sundresses. he's working in the army and there were not many females to being with. it was held at one of the country clubs so it wasn't that formal to begin with. all the guys wore hawaiian (think floral prints) with jeans or pants. i'm guessing you can leave the bikini at home. a tank top, sarong skirt with a flower tucked in your hair. or get a printed scarf and use it as a halter top, pair it with slim cut pants (i'm thinking satin) and heels.

    places to go shop for tropical, hawaiian stuff: surf shops, island shop at tangs.

    i'm not too sure as i did end up wearing a singlet top with jeans.
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      a tie-back or backless, cotton halter top with cigarette or capri pants?

      the surf shops in wisma would have a selection of the type of tops.

      wear it with a fake flower lei, or pin a hibiscus behind one ear.
      accessorise with anything shell-based.
      or those metal surf-inspired pendant on a leather thong

      shoes, maybe those plastic flipflops with a kitten heel. v beachy, but a bit of glam

      pearly the ocean.......


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        Originally posted by vixette

        shoes, maybe those plastic flipflops with a kitten heel. v beachy, but a bit of glam
        yeah. i got mine from x:odus.


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          Hi Babe,

          Try Island Shop at Tangs or Millenia Walk for clothes, see if u can come with up with something casual yet pretty.

          vixette's suggestion is sounds pretty, maybe u can search for clothes similar to her suggestions. Flipflops is a must to bring out the beachy look.
          I'm sure u will be a head turner that night

          have fun sourcing for your clothes


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            If you don't have beachy wear, play up on shell accessories like necklaces, belts and earrings!


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              I particularly like the flower-in-the-hair idea. Simple, to-the-point, elegant


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                these links may be helpful makeup wise

                Sephora Tropical Beauty

                tropical makeup

                Desert Queen

                think polynesian exotic beauty instead of beach/surfer babe maybe?


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                  Erm, you can consider wearing anything white with khaki or light pastel colour pants. I think they look great for beach wear. A straw hat would enhance it further. With lotsa beads accessories on you too. I think it sounds simple. But well, i like being simple!
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                    Thank you so much ladies! you all !
                    Should have thought of island shop! I'll go hunting this or next weekend. Wow, lovely ideas- now the delima is to decide which one to pick!


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                      hiya! what bout a pretty tube dress with flower print things? the roxy and ripcurl shops at pacific plaza carry lotsa stuff like that! maybe with espadrilles or little light-coloured sandals? flower in teh hair sounds really cute!!


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                        I also have another theme party at end of the year...kampung nite?? Any ideas?


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                          My cols all attended this and i actually was thinking if i were to attend my D&D with this theme, i would wear a cute flirty yellow mini just like something from AF team with a tank and a hibiscus on ruffled hair with mini kitten heels sandals or a pretty jelly heels. Hawaiian theme doesn't really mean you have to dress down like beach shorts and slippers. :roll:


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                            Theme / Costume Parties

                            was searching around CC for inspiration on what to wear for my workplace's Annual D&D but am still at a loss... so i thought of creating this thread for everybody who needs ideas on what to wear to theme parties, so that we can all chip in with suggestions!

                            so... i need help with this theme "Flower Power"

                            all i can think of is either going hippie-style or just retro... but i'm more inclined towards hippie!

                            did some quick research on the net, and found some obligatory items that denote hippie-style, which is:
                            - the flower in the hair (with/without headband thingy)
                            - the peace symbol accessory

                            i'm quite inclined to go as below picture, but need help on where to get the dress, belt, boots etc... maybe instead of buying, renting would be a cheaper alternative? ideas and suggestions appreciated!


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                              Cool thread. I have an event coming up and we're expected to dress in monochrome. Problem is my entire outfit is black and only my shoes have a tiny section that's white. I'm planning to wear silver earrings with diamantes (ganglies) and I think I may look strange cos I don't have much white on myself? Any suggestions? I don't have any white accessories and I'm not even going to carry a bag/clutch during the event so much less chance of me being able to hold onto something white. I need help!