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  • Anti-static sprays

    Does anyone know where I can get one of those anti-static sprays? I have some clothes (especially skirts) that cling on to the body. It's so unsightly at times. Any other solution besides using a spray? Thanks.

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    I do not know about the anti-static spray. But what I did last time when I wore those clingy, satin skirt was either to wear stockings (those that are matte, no shiny sheen) or to apply some powder to the underside of the skirt. That prevented static build up and hence the clingy effect


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      I used to buy the anti-static spray from Kimisawa supermarket long time ago before Isetan took over the supermarket. I can't find it there now. Bought another one from Basic Beauty which was not as effective.

      Dimples, what about trying the japanese pharmacy? Can't quite recall the name now. Nisho something?


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        Thanks for the tip, Vonnie.

        Thanks, Keiko. Is Nisho the Japanese pharmacy at the basement of Isetan Scotts?


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          Yes, the Nisho pharmacy is the one at the basement of isetan. IIRC, Paragon has one too. But i'm not sure if they carry this since i bought it from the supermarket and not the pharmacy the last time. But since it's a Japanese product, I thought can give it a shot to see if the pharmacy carries it.