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  • Spec-girls alert!

    I know most ppl are contacts reliant, but Does anyone have any recs for places to make good frames and lenses?

    I don't have a problem with my usual opt, but his selection is pretty um, boring and I am trying to make my specs a statement in themselves--not necessarily plasticy and cat eye-d, just something a little more eye-catching Specs like braces should be fun!

    Also, who has the lowdown on what frames suit which faces/eyes?

    I've tried about a dozen today and I have a slightly rounded/ heart-shaped face, with a broad forehead. Angular shapes with tilted up ends go well on me, no soft roundish shapes!

    TIA! Any recs for good opticians with nice-r frames are appreciated!

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    Hey gal!

    I love girls who can carry off funky specs cause I can't! I'm stuck in my contact lens vortex :roll: Prior to giving up my search for funky specs, I've tried Yes! at Suntec, they've got quite a wide selection, but of late the designs aren't fantastic though. Bugis Junction has cheapo imitation designs Ha, Ha. Several shops at Far East also stock nice designs if you look hard enough These are what I can remember! Good luck!


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      I've spend years hunting for a Lydia Sum kinda specs...but nope can't find anywhere


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        elainetsai, maybe you wanna try those neighbourhood shops, or the shops at Penisular (spelling??) Plaza.


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          Finding a nice pair of specs needs a lot of shopping! I love to go to Katong Shopping Centre, Parkway and People's Park. You have to look really hard before you find that perfect pair. Best thing about these places is that they usually slash the prices of the frames so much. My bf's D&G frame cost him only like 40 bucks. Unbelievable!

          Also, I like to shop for frames in street markets in BKK and HK. Get friends to scout for a nice frame for you if they happen to be there. Elaine, My friend found his Lydia Sum frame in HK street market.

          I never go to 'branded' optical shops. Way overpriced.

          Hope this helps


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            You can try Queen's way shopping centre & Toa Payoh. The prices are also quite competitive becos there are quite a no. of optical shops there.

            I can't afford branded frames as my lenses itself are already very expensive .....due to my high power. I am a 700++ on both my eyes. It's such a chore when I shop for new specs due to my budget constraint.


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              I have two pictures of two beautiful women with glasses in my profile at MUA (membername: "jeannette"). You may want to have a look at them!


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                there used to be a specs shop at Tampines Mall called Optic Avenue (sp?!) but i'm not too sure it is still there. top floor, next to the surf shop. very graffiti-funk shop design. specs are funky, mostly plastic frames tho' IIRC.

                it's a good thing i don't wear specs, i hardly fit any spec shape at all :roll: only angular and small rectangular frames fit me... :roll:


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                  Originally posted by elainetsai
                  I've spend years hunting for a Lydia Sum kinda specs...but nope can't find anywhere
                  hey girl! I found something similar at Paris Miki for only $40! hehee, i got it during their sale, maybe you can check it out at Paris Miki


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                    Just made a pair recently at an ex-coll's sis place. Quite reasonable prices and I got compliments from quite a few for my green frame.'m surprised myself.

                    I would have stuck to my rimless if not for my ex-colleauge.


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                      Thanks girls for all your response! I'm going to check them out. Anyway, my current specs is a red-bronze wire frame, shaped a like skinny oakleys but I'M BORED!

                      Dinnosaur, Green is nice too! I saw a nice pair at Parkway but it's branded and I couldn't bargain down to below 150 for lens and frame. Are your green frames metal or plastic?

                      Shall update again. I see lots of stores offering 120 buckeroos for lens, frame (lens: high index or multicoat)

                      Flowerfairy: Don't get stuck in the contacts rut! I've been wearing contacts since I was 13. The LT effects on my eyes are starting to show now.. no kidding.

                      Islande: I need small, angularish frames too

                      Lizzydizzy: 40 bucks only? Ok i gotta hunt out Paris Mikki


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                        I got my specs from this store at Wheelock Place, same floor as NYDC. V v good CS and they give discounts too if pressed.


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                          jeannette, I love those glasses!! V. hard to find those in Singapore, especially wide enough to fit my wide face.


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                            I have 2 pairs of glasses cos' I'm so blur, careless and clumsy. One pair is the one I doddle around the house with, the one I sweep off the table whilst grasping for it in sleepy stupor in the mornings, the one that I've stepped on, slept on, sat on countless times. Hardy indeed! They're blue, square-ish, probably brand-less from a neighbourhood optical shop that my family has been going to for years at Tanglin Halt.
                            I was surprised when quite a few people I know also go to him and they tell me his frames are very cheap. Don't recall how much mine cost, been 3-4years, still going strong.

                            My other pair are maroon-ish cat-eye Etro frames.
                            Lolitapop: They are angular with tilted up-ends! Sound like they will suit you too. My face shape can't take round too.

                            I got these last year when I was relief-teaching and wanted to look more teachery....*lol* (excuses for shopping! ). I got them from Optics Premier at Centrepoint. They do give discounts IIRC.
                            What I must say is that they have great CS. I can always pop by and use their saline when i get contact lens trouble in town (& that's very useful esp in town!). I stepped on my Etro frames last year (even though I was not 'blind', wearing glasses...) and they snapped, definitely more fragile. I brought it back to the shop and they replaced it FOC as it was under warranty. They actually had to order in from Paris as the design was discontinued already.
                            Another time, whilst out shopping and rubbing my nose too violently, I somehow expertly managed to twist my glasses. Brought it to the shop but it was closed for renovations but the boss was around, supervising the reno works. He kindly took his tools out and helped me adjust my glasses back.
                            That's good CS and convenience if any problem with lenses in town.


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                              Originally posted by ataraxia
                              I got my specs from this store at Wheelock Place, same floor as NYDC. V v good CS and they give discounts too if pressed.
                              ah.. this is Atlantis Optical. it's opposite Sakae Sushi..

                              another rec is Millenia Walk.. there's this spectacles shop called [email protected] or something like that... it's on Level 1, i think near the Studio Tangs, BritishIndia stretch of shops. saw lotsa funky frames! but i've never worn specs or known anyone who made them there so not too sure about quality or pricing.

                              but i do agree that the one Xue goes to looks good