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  • Anyone knows where I can get cheap geeky frames? Was about to go diaso when I saw a comment on this thread that they don't carry nice ones


    • Originally posted by girlgirl17 View Post
      Anyone knows where I can get cheap geeky frames? Was about to go diaso when I saw a comment on this thread that they don't carry nice ones
      im looking for 1 too! i know Bugis villages sells them...


      • hi girls i like to know is there any shop provide express service for making spec??need it urgently,thanks


        • i think i will probably make a half frame spec this time round

          any good shop to intro?


          • Anyone heard of this specs brand Black & Sliver? I saw it at Optical 88. Wondering where it is from


            • Hi girls,

              Anyone know where i can get cheap Fendi spectacles?

              Saw this particular design its black plastic frame with a crystal at the side and it cost $570.

              Really love it but its way beyond my budget!


              • Do you girlies know where i can still purchase D&G glasses?

                i can't seemed to find any optical shops that do still carry this brand.


                • hey babes, is it that i can just purchase frames off any shop and go to an optician to fit in my own lenses? cos i often see very nice frames but they do not come with personalised lenses.

                  are there any recs for places that do cheap lenses? i have high degree for both eyes!!


                  • Bad experience with OJ*optical shop @ Tampines 1

                    HB just wasted $150 for making new lens for his oakley frameless specs (not sunglass). Went to Kai J**optical shop at tanjang katong complex and it wasnt done satisfactorily. HB had told the optician on the spot the specs is uncomfortable to wear, she adjusted and told him to wear it for a while first, if still cannot then bring back to adjust again. So we examine whats wrong with the spec and found the lens not properly screwed, spacer/washer for the screws missing, they changed the original screws cos we found different shade of screws! So we went back on the same day and the optician say she cannot comment since it is done by the lab. We demand for the original screws.

                    Few days later, she called and told us to go to OJ* Optometry at Tampines 1 mall, saying the screws ordered from oakley is here and her boss will change the screws and adjust the frame. Still, the specs didnt feel right. So we scrutinize the whole spec again and found the drill holes not aligned. We have specifically told them to follow exactly the original lens (shape, size and all). So HB demand they re-do everything as it is unacceptable.

                    1-2 weeks later, they called and said its ready for collection so we went to OJ* yesterday. This time round, the new lens is worse, it is so curvy as compared to the original lens and visibly not the same. Thus still uncomfortable to wear. The boss wasnt around so the staff called him said he is busy elsewhere and expect HB to go down OJ* again another day. So we left the specs with the shop and went off.

                    1 hour later, a female called HB, claimed to be the boss as well. Said she cannot do anything for the specs and to go collect it from the shop and hung up the phone abruptly. How rude! When we arrive at the shop, she didnt bother to walk over to talk to us. The staff ask her over. When asked why she hung up the phone, she said: it doesnt matter now. WTH !! Such a big shop but poor attitude and cust service!!!

                    We told them to replace the original old lens and refund. She said:"since paid, NO REFUND." and even told her staff: replace the old lens, give the new lens and let them go. Don't ask me out again, i am busy!"
                    The female boss is obviously chasing us out of the shop.

                    We are not unreasonable in any way. All we want is the lens to be done properly and this is the kind of service we get. Think we are so free to make multiple trips to find arguement??!

                    Now we felt so cheated spending $150 for lens that cannot be used. Very piss off! We definitely do not recommended OJ* for sure.

                    Any good recommendation of optical shop to make lens for oakley specs?


                    • appleroses: hihi, you can always buy your own optical frames n bring it to an optician to do lenses. most optical shops shouldn't reject such business. i've done it before and i think it's not a big issue. but do beware of the frames quality cos no point making prescription lens (they're not cheap since u said u have high degree on both eyes) on filmsy frames. must protect your eyes

                      Crystalz: sorry to hear about ur experience with the optical shop. i don't frequent optical shops at shopping malls cos i think they always rip ppl off, so i'm more a neighbourhood optical shop supporter.

                      i can pm both of you the optical shop that i frequent at serangoon, good service and very reasonable prices. i have recommended friends before and most came back with good comments, so hope can share with you guys too HTHs


                      • hi rockjunkiez, pls pm me the shop name & address at serangoon. thanks!


                        • pm-ed u!


                          • HB got me a prada glass last week from seng li @ queensway.
                            Almost a week and i still yet to hear from them.
                            The shop carry many brands however, they are so so busy.

                            If its not because i love the prada frame that have bling bling at the side, i wouldnt want to stay there and wait till someone is free before we approach there for help.

                            We were the serious buyers but they just tend to 'assist' those dressed like "tai tai" ladies. In the end, they bought nothing after trying hundreds of glasses.

                            price wise i'm not sure whether its cheap, the reason i went there was becos ppl always recommend queensway for glasses. Anyway paid 519 for it and after reading this thread, i seems to have paid much for it.


                            • Hi babes. is there any shop that provide a service where they can actually change the colour of the spec? Is there such service?


                              • HI Cotters, does anyone know where can I buy black plastic, full-rimmed cat eyes glasses? I have been checking out optical shops in Orchard, but I can't seem to find them anywhere! One lady at one of the opticial shop suggested to me buy them in HK next time. Sigh! Help! I don't really mind if it's branded or not, vintage or not, as long as it is of ok quality. So if anyone knows where I can get them, please please please let me know. Many thanks in advance!