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  • Caught in a TIE

    Hi ladies, need your help again! I am thinking of getting a tie for SO. I am caught between the two.

    1. More showy, brighter colours but harder to match all his shirt?

    1. Practical, but a bit boring.

    Give me your votes ladies! Thanks !!!!!!!!111

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    Perhaps you want to just briefly list the type of colours he goes for his shirt?


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      He goes for cufflink shirts.

      i remember some of the colours.........

      1.light blue
      3.light purple
      4.light green
      5.light grey
      6.pale pink
      7. maroon
      8. pinstripes
      9. blue grid design
      10. black grid design

      he goes for all sorts of colours.....argh


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        any other choices other than the above two?


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          Hmmm... from the shirt colours you listed above, it looks like the grey one can match more. The orange tie will at most go well with white and light green shirt But the grey tie may look kind of sombre. Aren't there any other ties to choose from?


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            oh....come to think of it...*hehe*

            hmm...where do u ladies usually buy ties from for your SO?
            i'm thinking of getting it from my usual - Hugo Boss.
            the above are from gucci


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              I think the first tie can go with almost all his shirts other than the patterned ones

              No place in particular, but Van Garie do make ties which give very nice knots


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                the orange one? or is it from the new posting?


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                  No, not the orange one. The grey with red design one from the second posting.


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                    Nic, no..... I do not know much I only know how to match colours. As for where to find good and nice ties, it is out of my league cos SO is a "brand-idiot" so no point buying good ties for him! He cannot tell the difference between an Isrida tie and a Gucci tie


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                      Re: Caught in a TIE

                      Originally posted by Alya

                      1. More showy, brighter colours but harder to match all his shirt?
                      I kinda like this best in comparison. The print is subtle and I can imagine this with grey, white, black, brown shirts.

                      I got my SO's tie here. They do carry some pretty decent ones.


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                        Men's tie

                        My SO got an interview tomorrow and he need a tie...

                        Anyone knows where i can get cheap men's tie?

                        What colours tie should i buy to match with light colours shirt?

                        Thanks in advance


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                          There already is an existing thread on Ties so I've merged your thread with it.
                          In the future, before posting up new threads, do use the seach function (located near the top of the page) to see if there's anything similar already.


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                            I have no ideas about men ties. Maybe you can state your budget, maybe some other gals can help?


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                              valer1e, try Topman. $29 for a decent tie. I love to buy Topman tie for my SO, till he a bit scare. Keke they even have cufflinks, can't remember how much but also around this kind of pricing. I can't decide which one so I got both for him. follow my habit of can't decide get all colours.