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  • Shorts

    Hi girls.. do you all have any good suggestions on where I can get nice and affordable shorts? I'm looking for those I can pair of with a bikini (but not boardshorts)..

    (I like those that jennifer aniston wore in 'Along came Polly')


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    hey yvonne!

    i'm also on the hunt for a nice pair of shorts! however, i don't see many being sold except for boardies(too common) and denim ones(not so comfy).

    would like to get those that are meant to be worn hipster style, preferably with runched side tie or gathers. tried delias and abercrombie but couldn't find anything. would appreciate all suggestions


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      Have you gals tried:
      I just love their clothes especially their shorts!


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        Me too..

        I've been looking around for shorts for a while except the shorts that i am looking for are to be worn at home.

        I always can find nice ones at Target store in Australia but cant find any nice ones in SG.

        If any of u babes come across nice shorts, Do let me know.

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          I like shorts from John Little. They've a brand caled McBlue. Cheap and stylish. But have to depends on the season.


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            How about 37 degrees?


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              i've been wanting to find a nice shorts to head off to the beach too. Hmm the Mcblues one is quite a disappointment though.


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                  I saw nice shorts on the VS website..
                  lemming for so many of them
                  I MISSED THE SPREE


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                    i'm looking for cheap denim shorts - i know the cheapest way to do this is to hack off part of your old jeans, but i haven't any suitable ones, and anyway, am very very bad at things like that.


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                      girl> has got some affordable denim shorts :D


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                        Speaking of shorts, any good places that sell nice shorts similar to the abercrombie ones? love the low rise ones that are short but not toooo short, not toooo long..


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                          Reviving this thread.

                          Saw many girls wearing nice looking shorts these days esp on Sat night when hb and i go for movies at Cathay Cineleisure Orchard. Was very tempted to go and ask them where did they get it from. These shorts are at most measured at 3.5" inseam and the girls wear them with a belt and a nice tank tops. Also, these shorts are hipsters.

                          I tried AE, but i cant find them anymore. Got one pair myself from FOS, Miss Sixteen which costs only $19.90. Love it but it's not that fitting coz the cutting between size 0 and 2 is so huge! Size 0 too tight, cant even buckle, where else size 2, too loose There's no size 1

                          Any local shops i can go to?


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                            Topshop and Fox has lots of nice shorts.
                            Topshop has similar to the abercrombie ones.
                            Fox is those that can pair with belts type.
                            I have 2 from Fox, few more from Topshop.



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                              i have shorts from fox, A&F kids & ON (it's a bit long but can be altered)