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  • What's in your handbag?

    hi there

    just being nosy and thought this would be a girly thread and see how much u gals realy have in your bag i have the follwoing....

    i use varouis bags but at the moment im usuing my beige gucci GG logo tote bag with....

    *keys 2 my house key and my bf (thinking of geting a tiffany keyring)
    *makeup bag: snoppy lipgloss, tbs mattifier, lipbalm, juicy tube in lychee, mac eyeliner in prunella, cream, blusher, blusher brush, hairbrush
    *mac blot,
    *LV purse
    *two mobile phone 1 mine and the other my bf who gave it to me to phone him
    *uni books hehehe

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    Hey sweetie,

    Moving your thread here so more cotters can contribute.

    Here's mine :
    - Wallet
    - Key pouch
    - Umbrella
    - Lip gloss
    - Cellphone
    - Comb
    - Tissue paper


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      My handbags are usually small.

      I have :

      - A wallet which takes up most of the space
      - Lipgloss
      - Blotters
      - Powder compact (occassionally)
      - Tissue paper (occassionally)
      - A pen


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        Generally I have:

        -Car key
        -Tissue packs
        -Wet wipes
        -Mobile phone
        -A toy for my baby
        -Mini umbrella (sometimes)
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          -Tissue packs
          -Pocket Mirror
          -Mobile phone
          -Water bottle
          -Pen/Pencil case
          -Memo pad for jotting down anything that interest me, or for scribble.
          -Coin Pouch
          -hair clips
          - Sanitary pads (for the time of the month or when expecting it)
          - Cards pouch

          That's for working days, non working days would be lesser, as bag I carry is smaller.


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            i'm quite auntie, haha... here goes

            1. umbrella
            2. water bottle
            3. wallet
            4. tissue paper
            5. sanitary pad & pantyliner (oh god really very auntie ???? scared of emergency ???)
            6. lipgloss
            7. blotter
            8. sweets
            9. mobile phone

            sometimes i bring a book and more cosmetics, depending on where i go


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              hehehehehe, this will be abit embarassing ....

              here it goes
              - my 6 little bears
              - wallet
              - cardholder
              - cellphone
              - lipglosses (at least 4-5)
              - a pen
              - blotter
              - small compact mirror
              - small swiss army knife
              - a small pc of chocholate for emergencies !


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                it depends where im heading....

                but usually the essentials are

                my mobile
                umbrella(sometimes only)
                my cosmetics- powder+brush+gloss+blush
                face blotters if i remember
                a bottle of water
                a cardigan if i know it'll get cold (and im so bad at keeping warm)

                Books +Papers if im going to school....
                i dont have a lot of stuff, only thing is I've some huge stuff so they take up some space...


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                  Here's mine:

                  Home and office keys, hooked onto a handmade keychain from my sis.
                  Pink wallet.
                  My tattered Nokia.
                  Muji Diary
                  At least 2 pens.
                  Name Card Holder.
                  Makeup: L/P, lipgloss.


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                    Most of the times (depends on the sizes of the bag) I have the following items in my bag......

                    - Wallet
                    - Keys
                    - Namecard holder
                    - Pen
                    - Handcream
                    - Lipgloss
                    - Comb
                    - Sweets
                    - Tissue paper
                    - Handphone


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                      essential items:

                      1. wallet
                      2. keys
                      3. handphone
                      4. organiser
                      5. pen
                      6. lipgloss (which i hardly use)
                      7. a bottle of water
                      8. chocolates
                      9. cardi

                      sometimes i carry:

                      1. brolly
                      2. sunnies


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                        1. wallet
                        2. home keys
                        3. mobile
                        4. blotter
                        5. lip gloss
                        6. tissue pack
                        7. nail clipper
                        8. card holder
                        9. staff pass (yes! i bring it wherever i go)
                        10. calender notebook
                        11. pen

                        that's basically my essentials.

                        things like sanitary napkins, umbrellas and water bottles are optional.


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                          on workdays (using a puma gym bag):
                          - home keys & office keys
                          - wallet
                          - mobile phone
                          - wet wipes
                          - tissue packs
                          - gloss, loose powder, blush
                          - pda
                          - A4 sketch pad (doodle when travelling)
                          - pencil box
                          - brolly
                          - whatever sch work (luckily they're in loose sheets) need to mark for the day.

                          on other days:
                          - home keys
                          - wallet
                          - mobile phone
                          - tissue
                          - gloss, loose powder, blush
                          - pda
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                            Going minimalist these days.

                            - Cash
                            - Cards
                            - keys
                            - cellphone


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                              Wallet or just Cash and Credit Card/Nets Card
                              Lip Balm and/or gloss of the day
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