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    Anyone loves their bags? I found an ebay seller selling their bags at a lower price from the loop site itself and I am thinking of gettin one of their bags from them..

    go to here

    Anyone, they are having a promotion now:

    "Now, you purchase any 3 bags or totes over US$15.00 for each bag can enjoy free S&H.

    Items not include are: Special Clearance items (in auction mention "No Free Shipping"), Items under US$15.00 (before S&H) and Cosmetic Bag or clutch.


    This Special now Free Shipping to Worldwide.
    Winners in Canada send by Expresspost (for Ontario and Quebec only) or Confirmation by Canada Post.
    Winners in US send by Expedited Parcel by Canada Post.
    Winners in Europe and Asia send by SEA-MAIL for free (or special charge by air-mail)."

    I am thinking of getting a bag and am hoping to get 2 other persons to enjoy the promotion! But I am not sure how long seamail takes, but maybe we can ask about the special airmail rate and share the shipping.

    Anyone up for it?

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    Re: Loop NYC spree!

    Originally posted by beetree
    Right now, I am uncertain to how much shipping would cost but the seller quoted me US$20 for 3 tote bags sent by airmail. He did not indicate if tracking is available with this price. I decided not to choose the free shipping by seamail as I heard it is not reliable.

    Hopefully, with more bags ordered, we can get a more reasonable rate!
    hi betree

    one question, i am interested in one item but there will be shipping charges involved.
    but wonder how will he calculate the charges since he will ship all items in one parcel.
    which means that ultimately all of us will get to share the shipping as well?

    if yes will you divide by number of items or numbers of pple?


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      Another question here. I'm going to get some cosmetic bags and clutch purses. If we are using the per item shipping charge, does it applies to the small items as well? TIA.


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        kindly refrain from quoting the entire post.. makes the thread very long and reading difficult. you can just edit the quote and make it shorter

        also, kindly spell out your words in full so that the other cotters are able to understand what you're trying to say.

        from Forum Rules
        Originally posted by Sky
        <li> Please refrain from the use of SMS short-forms, non-standard spelling, and Singlish expressions in your posts. If you must use non-English words, it would be helpful to add a note explaining their meaning.


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          Hi versatile and artichoke,

          I think the seller is charging the shipping based on weight... I should either be dividing by the number of items ordered or maybe use the formula that we frequently use which is (your own total/ the total amount ordered x shipping)

          In any case, the shipping will definitely be the more items or the more expensive your items are, the more you pay for the shipping.

          I cannot say anything for definite as I need to confirm what are the items first before the seller can quote me the shipping price.


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            hey beetree, are stuff not included in the free shipping e.g. cosmetics pouches and such...included in this spree??


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              hi duckie

              soo sorry about that cause i am so used to doing ***

              thanks for reminding

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                Hello painted poppies,

                you do know that there is no free shipping now since we are using airmail instead of seamail?

                yes, all bags are included, whether big or small!

                hm, this thread is getting a bit messy... should we move all queries to here:


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                  hi betree

                  thanks for clearing my doubts. but hoping shipping can be lower than USD7 per item if not very expensive ***!.

                  me interested in 2 items and one of the brief cosmetic bag is sooo cute and really like the shape.

                  me going broke boy

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                    heh yep i know that shipping is not free...but they seller states that it is a special price (i took it to mean discounted). i was wondering whether this will still apply when we buy stuff that is not in the 'sale'


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                      I love their bags! Someone got me one 3 years ago, very retro plus I love the material.


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                        paintedpoppies: well my take is just to include whatever you want in the spree, and we will try to get a better deal as a whole from the seller.

                        makeupmag: thats reassuring! what was the material of ur bag? loop bags tend to be either plastic or satin from what i have seen so far...


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                          Originally posted by beetree
                          makeupmag: thats reassuring! what was the material of ur bag? loop bags tend to be either plastic or satin from what i have seen so far...
                          MIne is an old design with orange and grey swirls. The material is a sort of smooth matte plastic (I don't know the exact term for it).


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                            I love this bag to bits. Should I get it???? It will cost around USD100 inclusive of shipping.... ;(


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                              the bag is nice but US$100?! hmm...

                              i'm eyeing the meadow tote myself - do u girls think it's too loud/"ugly"? still hesitating cos of the price..