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Bohemian/Ethnic-y necklaces

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  • Bohemian/Ethnic-y necklaces

    Hi everyone!

    need some help, i'm new to this forum so hopefully this is the place to ask!

    Anyone know where to get unique, bohemian-ny necklaces?

    Something special? i'm not on a high budget (something less than 50 pls? still studying )

    I've scoured the isetan, chomel, etc and haven't found anything nice. abit tacky lei..

    I like bronzey/turqoise pieces heh and am into butterflies, old roses and vintage (if it helps haha)

    anyone can help?
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    You may want to try Flowers In The Attic @ The Annex, Heeren. The shop carries lots of pretty bohemian fashion, from tops to skirts to bags and shoes and jewellery. There's a nice range of jewellery there by local designers, using semi-precious stones, and prices are very reasonable, should be within your budget. HTH! :wave:


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      you can try Holland village shopping centre. secong and third floor got a lot of shops sellings all these products


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          saw a pushcart at Centrepoint selling them today, but didnt check out their prices...


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            hi! thanks so much girls, i took a look at certain places, and i'm not impressed by those on velvet strings with big chunky things at the end

            sigh.. the bf kept asking me why i seemed to like the "tarnished" stuff! it's not tarnished, its antique! you know..long bronzey chains, that sort.

            if anybody knows anymore places do tell me! thanks so much all again

            i love flowers in the attic too!


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              anyway, i've found something simple and elegant. FEP level one, there's a jewellery store that customises necklaces with beads and bronze-y pieces!

              The guy there seems nice and keen to help, and i bought stuff to DIY myself too. Lots of flat, ethnic pieces that u can pair with antique chains, and jazz up with small crystals or roses.


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                wow lollipop, sounds interesting!
                I seldom go to FEP so where's the shop located? Near where?
                Im sure you'll look great with those beaded necklaces and camis with flirty skirts! Way to go!


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                  great you found what u want! hope you have fun beading them up


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                    i wore it yesterday with an olive green cami and linen capris

                    got many compliments (abt the necklace, heh not me )

                    Hunny, its at FEP level one, the name of the shop escapes me! But its the only beads shop, nice antique finish metal pieces on wire necklace.

                    i don't frequent FEP but found nice vintage shops tt play scratchy 30s!


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                      lollipop Im sure they complimented you as well sweetie!
                      I can imagine how you look already!

                      I've yet to find my perfect pair of drawstring capris.
                      Where did you get your from?
                      I wanna try Fond Hugs but the bf said I look like a maid! :piss:

                      Haha any ideas?


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                        What's Fond Hugs?

                        I'm also in search of the perfect pair of denim capris....SO says capris makes my legs look like sticks.


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                          yeap! Fond Hugs is kinda like a 'lower-end' version of Island shop, they've got a nice selection of capris and tops all very 'thailand' style the price is kinda steep though i must say...esp. if you've been to thailand before


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                            Yah Pan, Fond Hugs is just diagonally opposite MNG at Suntec.

                            yah I also love their exotic designs. Many ang-mos love wearing them too.. I always see them wearing baggy drawstring capris with spag top. Droolz~~

                            where is IslandShop??


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                              Aha, will check this place out! How come i never notice it? :roll: I must have a one track mind....mangomangomango....

                              NOt Pauline but Island Shop is in Tangs. It's their inhouse label. Also very easy breezy resort-style pieces.