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  • Bra problem

    Hi All,

    I have a bra problem for a long time and still don't know how to solve it.

    See, I don't usually wear a bra at home. Whenever, I wear a wired bra to go out, I get the constriction at my left breast and I tend to get a backache for wearing it the whole day. I think my breasts have grown in diameter and sideway(east-west) over the years. By wearing a wired bra or worse, if it is a pushup. it constricts the breasts quite badly.

    See, the bras in the market are quite standard; 70, 75, 80, 85 and A, B, C, D cups etc. I felt that the wire under the bra is about the same size and the distance between the cups are constant, regardless of the size you choose. I have tried to scoop it into the cups but I can still feel the pain after wearing for 30min. So what can I do? Is there anyway I can get a custom made bra locally?

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    hi dear, how about wearing non-wired bras? they at least won't be so 'constricting' and won't push your breasts together so much. there are some bandeau options if you need to go strapless


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      thanks islande. Am wearing one now, but just wonder whether it is a common problem for all girls out there, or is it me?

      Also, I have not explore brands other than Triumph and no-wired bra that I have come across are quite plain in their designs(usually beige or pink with minimum patterns/lace). Any suggestions for prettier no-wired bra?


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        I agree with islande on the bandeau. There is this bandeau bra made by Marks and Spencers which IMO is really comfortable and the straps can be removed as well depending on what you are wearing.
        You could give that a try as it is stretchy.


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          organicbeauty, try Bonds and CK. also, Marks and Spencer! visit Tangs bra section for more choice on Aussie and other foreign bra brands. lotsa pretty pretty no-wired bras there!

          i am pretty flat, so i don't have this problem not too sure if it's common tho'.


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            haha, funny. ok. will try these brands. How about the other girls, any problem with wired bra?


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              Maybe try to get those 3/4 or half cup bras?
              Some wired ones also suffocate me at times, even though I'm not well-endowed too.

              No ideal which stores provide custome-made ones.


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                Think some wired ones "eat" into the skin/flesh.. can be quite painful...

                I bought Marks and Spencers bandeau many years ago... it was padless.. Do you wear padless bra out? Won't your nipples stick out obviously?! Mine stick out so obviously.. always ended up changing another bra or stick those "Nippleless" sticker before wearing.. Any other way to prevent them front sticking out?


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                  organicbeauty, Its not really true, bras of different band sizes and cup size have different 'wire length', I believe that it all depends on the cup size. If you feel that your breasts are constricted, that means you're wearing the wrong size for you. What brands have you tried? I mostly wear unpadded Wacoal(underwire) bras and am very pleased with them.


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                    latte, 3/4 cup is good for me but something, half cup is important if I want to wear a strappy dress and most of them are wired and can be painful.

                    SantaGal, probably the unpadded cotton bra won't make your nipples stick out so obviously, but cotton bra is not that pretty. Don't know about those unpadded laced one, mango, don't you think it will become rather itchy wearing it??

                    I am wearing different sizes, sometimes a 80A, 80B, 75B or 75C, depends on the bra type. Still figuring out what is the correct size for me. islande and latte, as you grow older, you will become more endowed


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                      hi organicbeauty,
                      you should really go out and try different brands of bras and their different styles. probably the one you are always wearing doesn't quite suit you, so you feel uncomfortable in it.

                      go to Marks and Spencer, they have professional sale people (gals of coz ) to help you with the correct sizing.

                      good luck in your search


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                        it is wise to go for a bra fitting whenever u shop for a bra, especially cos the cutting of every bra is different.


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                          yes, I am going to mark and spencer on Tue during the Robinsons sale. The last time I went to their bra corner was when I was still a teenager of size 70A and the sizes were too big for me. So, I guess it is about time.


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                            Originally posted by organicbeauty
                            yes, I am going to mark and spencer on Tue during the Robinsons sale. The last time I went to their bra corner was when I was still a teenager of size 70A and the sizes were too big for me. So, I guess it is about time.
                            hey dear, i think i can wait long long! probably gonna be an airport runway for the rest of my life. oh well -shrug-

                            hope you'll find the right fit for a bra!


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                              don't worry dear, when I was your age, I was as flat as an airport runway too; guys told me that they couldn't see me from the sides.

                              10 years later, they told me that I have grown up..