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  • Spaghetti straps

    I might start wearing spaghetti straps because I lost a little weight during the semester (yes, school does that to you! )! I need a few tips from you ladies on how to wear these:

    Is it better for me to wear a strapless bra with these?
    Or should I wear a strapless bra together with transparent straps (but they look quite uncomfortable)?
    Which brands are best for strapless bras? I prefer those with a lot of support because I move around quite a bit.

    Thank you so much!

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    i never liked those plastic transparent straps so i'd go for strapless but times when i'm really lazy i'll just wear a normal (usually black) bra inside and let the straps show tacky especially when i'm wearing a sheer white top but i don't really bother cause i will not be out for long.

    i practically live in my strapless bras! usually brandless (i think) and i'll get them cheap at tangs.

    if you're more active, strapless might not be such a good idea..


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      Re: Spaghetti straps

      Originally posted by [b]jeannette [/b

      Which brands are best for strapless bras? I prefer those with a lot of support because I move around quite a bit.

      Thank you so much!
      My vote goes to Marks & Spencers Bandeau bra. It cost $48 and works for me. In fact I prefer like over my usual strap-bras.

      Only rant is that the material is pretty sheer so you might need a nipple tape.


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        I think bra straps(transparent ones or otherwise) spoil the look of spag strap tops so I'll say go for strapless bras all the time. My fave strapless comes from Wacoal and DIM. They hold up very well on me, v comfy too.


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          I will go for strapless bra.. Never like those tranparent ones and think it looks awful...

          My friend bought herself those colorful/animated bra straps.. and use them when wearing spaghetti tops.. trying to be cute? haha..

          But personally.. think spaghetti are meant to be like how they look.. so anything extra... i don't like it..


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            I second the M&S bandeau bra, comfy and they stay up due to the silicon strips inside. Don't do the transparent straps, they look pretty tacky in my opinion.

            If you want to show your bra straps, make sure they're the thin shoestring straps. Anything thicker than your cami straps are a no no. I do this sometimes with colourful VS or CK bras, matching the bra colour to the colour of the cami.


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              yes, black bra straps can be nice if you wear them well IMO. but i usually wear strapless bras. i'm too lazy to 'pasang'(put on) the straps on so i just use them strapless even if i am not wearing sleeveless

              i go for those cheap ones at JL. i need to get new ones but haven't seen any fitting ones around

              Jo, how much are those brandless ones at Tangs? $10 - $20?


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                I think strapless ones are best....but sometimes ive a problem with gradual slipping down.....especially when i make a sudden body movement...I used to like M&S ones...but somehow after so many wears and washes (i think mine is about more than 2-3 years old) it has lost its 'staying' power....and I have a triumph one too, but I still think M&S stays on better for me. Perhaps I have to buy a new one soon..... But then again, it's never foolproof because if im not careful (like if i move my arms too much or run) the bra slips down... and even those hollywood tapes arent good enough...sigh. I wish I could just go braless! lol


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                  go for the nubra?


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                    my sentiments exactly Pixash but yeah i just pull the bra right back up! i don't really care. i guess that's the trade off for no bra straps.


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                      haha, yes im thinking of buying the Unbra...since my SO says that the price of the Nubra is too much for him to stomach.
                      And sometimes when im havin a bad-bra day he'll keep complaining about me pulling up my bra....LOL. But ah, i HATE it when i wear tubes and it slips down sometimes and my bra peeks out a little....(and without me knowing!!!) Geez. Anyone has the slipping-tube problem? Especially when theres no strong elastic at the top? and those tapes arent really that good... they still fail on me..... sigh. Thats why on days that I cant care less, I'd rather just wear a sleeved-tee and I wont need to worry about anything slipping down or peeking out!


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                        Try looking for those with silicon lining. M&S has strapless bras with silicon linings. The only problem is if u have sensitive skin, this might irritate your skin, especially in this crazy weather where we sweat a lot.. Put some baby powder before wearing.

                        For some reason, M&S is quite ill-fitting for me so I'm still looking at other brands for strapless bras with the silicon lining. M&S bandeau bra makes me soo..flat even when it says padded. The padding is practically non-existent. Nipples still show through. I would say they are better for well-endowed ladies


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                          yeah. i have the silicon one..but it stopped working after a while... and yes i agree that the bandeau is far too sheer n it kind of gives me no support...


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                            yes, i think going strapless is the best, those transparent straps are really pretty unsightly. i vote for the M&S strapless bras too, they work for me, don't really slip off as much as others i've tried. and yes, the bandeau bra also makes me look flat, though i must say it's very comfortable.


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                              Pixy, try looking for more elastic-y tube tops! that'll solve your problem. MNG has some lovely ones right now