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    Saw a 30+ - 40+ aunty wearing a black translucent top with black bra underneath. The back of her top has these flower motifs all over.

    Her pants were bright yellow and had this tribal design above the butt area.

    She had black and gold "studded" belt on.

    Her hair was tied into two ponytails ala schoolgirl style..

    I was motified...

    Will upload a picture i snapped of her secretly when I've got the time...


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      This 30-40 year old woman... two pig-tails and a giant diamante flower-shaped hairclip planted smack in the middle of her head ... thigh-length camel-coloured PVC trenchcoat... checkered pants... faux leopard fur backpack with an annoying jingly bell & red chinese knot attached to it. I wish i'd taken a photo!


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        I know low-hung jeans, to some, are sexy. Not me. Especially not on plumpy gals - sorry! Even on slender girls they don't look real sexy to me. Some flabby meat on the hips is fine but I really feel only the curvy and toned girls can wear hippy jeans best.

        Von, the black stocking ensemble! Could you be referring to the same one I've seen before? Haha! Also Autumnheart's purple lady! Haha!

        One other fashion mistake I can't pardon: dress pants paired with wedgies. Hello???


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          oh dear... we are not supposed to wear wedgies with pants? i thought it's alrite all along only jeans then?


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            I meant those cork wedgies which really should go with jeans or denim skirts. Dress pants should go with dress shoes - or at least semi-formal mules
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              Was at Taka earlier and saw this tai-tai wearing PINK PANTIES with WHITE CAPRIS! OMG!!! I could see the pink a mile away. Sheesh.


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                I was in school and saw this girl who was wearing boardshorts and girly heels!! (the slip in toes and they look the formal kind)
                Goodness. What on earth was she thinking.

                There is also another girl who keeps her jacket tied at the waist which totally irks me. It seems like she is using it as display.


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                  Items That U will Never Make Yourself Wear

                  Rather be dead........

                  1 ) Assorted white bottoms (too heavy bottomed)
                  2 ) Gym slacks (my pair of wobbly jellys won't permit)
                  3 ) Shorts that are real short, imagine Topshop's (flesh will leak)
                  4 ) Mesh bra (can never fill fully)
                  5 ) Motif/fishnet pantyhose (need me explain?
                  6 ) Roaring animal prints (too conservative, reserved for my 50's)
                  7 ) Shoes w/ zippers (unless boots)
                  8 ) Nipple stickers
                  9 ) Tops that are well-liked by Xu Chun Mei :roll:

                  so far so long think some more, i might as well go drink Dettol bubble tea.


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                    leopard prints
                    super duper short shorts
                    mismatched loud colours tops and pants
                    :puke: :puke: :puke:


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                      - chunky shoes (platforms, wedges)
                      - ponchos
                      - anything with 'Von Dutch' printed on it
                      - trucker hats
                      - things made of PVC
                      - fishnets/ coloured tights
                      - anything with animal prints


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                        lycra skirts
                        lace-up heels


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                          ~anything with animals prints!!


                          ~grandma kinda undies! yucks!

                          ~batik stuff

                          ~oversize t-shirts for going out kinda wear (for sleep is ok)

                          i think i have a lot on my list but i can't recall.

                          if i go shopping, i can point them all out! haha...


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                            High waist jeans
                            Platforms and pointed heels
                            Anything that is in hot pink


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                              Originally posted by appie
                              High waist jeans
                              Platforms and pointed heels
                              Anything that is in hot pink

                              Ya! High Waist Jeans too. reminds me of Vivien Chou (duno why??)

                              So many anti fishnets & animal prints.....


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                                Any bottoms that are high waist, cropped tops that shows tummy and definitely not the two combination. :p