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  • Shoe/Bag Lover?

    someone said that there are strictly two types of fashionistas around - those who worship/collect shoes, and those who worship/collect bags.

    Which are you? and which are your favourite designers for shoes/bags?


    i'm a SHOES lover! i am currently in love with Christian Laboutin's shoe designs. Mandy Moore is a fan of his shoes and so am i i also love Pura Lopez (available at hue). her shoes make my legs look nice!

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    Shoes definitely Manolos!! But too bad Spore does not have it. So i worship those at Charles at Keith.

    Bags...I appreciate any with unique features and great workmanship.


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      i'm a lover of both.

      bags: i used to buy anything cute and eye-catching. and also too much LV. nowadays, i'm looking for something functional and not too costly. buy most of my bags online or overseas.

      shoes: i go for heels mostly. shop mainly at Foot Fetish or Hue. i'm still looking for a pair of ballet pumps. saw the most adroable ones at French Sole.


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        I'm a lover of both too!!

        Always think that my collections lack of this and that design... haha..


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          both .. but more to bags !
          i'll just shop for any that i catch a fancy to .. no particular brands


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            I think my gigantic toyogo box of bags and shelves and shelves of shoes qualifies me being a shoe and bag fetish.

            I like all kinds of bags. Seriously. All kinds. Cheap or expensive, I like it as long as it's cute or pretty or red/pink.

            For shoes, I love ballet pumps and Mary Janes. I go for any brand. Again, as long as it's cute or pretty or red/pink, it's MINE!


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              more of shoes, i buy more shoes than bags! i only worship charles and keith cos the rest are either too expensive or they dont have my size!


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                I think I buy more bags. I really like to buy bags. Now I am aiming more for high end brands, just bought a LV speedy last year.

                I have a friend who has numerous pair of shoes at home. I asked her whether she can wear a different pair everyday for a MONTH. She said AROUND THERE!


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                  Bag lover... I can buy 2 bags in a day. Though I have like close to 30 bags in my cupboard already


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                    I'm a shoes person

                    I have already like a hundred pairs at hm & whenever i get visitors, they just get a bad fright looking at my shoe rack

                    I am constantly on the lookout for shoes and My favorites are Pura Lopez
                    and Vincci (cheap and pretty)


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                      I'm a shoe and bag fanatic! Carted back 11 pairs of shoes and 6 bags from my recent trip to Hong Kong.

                      I love shoes from VNC in Singapore! The quality's good and the design's unique yet wearable.

                      Bags I get them at all sorts of places. Just bought one black tote for the office at $6.90.


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                        I like both shoes and bags. I'm not very particular about brands, as long as I like the design and it's good quality. I have to say my current fave for bags is Spencer & Rutherford, so pretty and unique. Shoes wise, I like Nine West for comfortable, practical everyday shoes and Marc Jacobs and Christian Laboutin for pretty designs. I think the best place to shop for shoes and bags is Hong Kong, I always come back with heaps of nice stuff when I head there for a holiday.


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                          I am more of a bag collector rather than shoes
                          I always like sturdy ,versatile shoes and sandals which can fit almost all occasions. Most people say that the shoes are the ones which complete the look but if I have a good pair which can fit for all occasions, there is not need to buy so many.

                          I prefer shoes with a unique streak like those from Camper. They are comfy, sturdy and yet stylish

                          IMO bags are money well spent as I can never leave the house without a proper bag and I am always conscious about the kind of bag I carry for the occasion. I guess it's just me.
                          I love bags from Projectshop blood bros, Furla,Crumpler , those which always catch my eye


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                            I collect both. Love shoes from Adidas and Diesel but both are quite costly.
                            I love bags, just any bags. Have tons of them at home and I guess I can change my bag everyday for months.


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                              I both shoes and bags. No particular designer or brands as long as they look nice.