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How do you organize your wardrobe?

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  • How do you organize your wardrobe?

    i'm staring at my messy wardrobes and wondering how other people keep control of their clothes!

    Is it better to arrange it by type of clothes ( dress, pants, skirts etc ) or by Uses ( work clothes , weekend clothes, party clothes etc )?

    oh yeah.. anyone out there arrange their clothes by color??

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    I used to arrange according to colors but now it's latest to the old ones!


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      nah dont arrange it by colours...

      i arrange by theme, work, casual, sleep wear, bum wear, dinner...
      i hang up the pants, suits and shirts

      cos we have seasons i usually take out any clothes that i dont wear for a particular seasons and store it in a plastic container sealed.


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        I organise according to type, then colours.

        right now, it's outerwear --> sweaters/pullovers --> longsleeved tops --> dresses --> skirts --> jeans --> pants

        then separately, I have a drawer for 'normal' tops (sorted into sleeveless v sleeved) + clubbing tops

        all are sorted according to colour and then length.


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          My walk in wardrobe is a mess! Heh. But basically I organise (or try to) according to type, can't be bothered with colours.

          I've got a section for coats and jackets, another for dresses, followed by skirts, jeans/pants and nice evening tops/camis. All of these I hang up. Then I've got separate drawers for lingerie, home & gym clothes, normal everyday tank tops/camis/tees, clubbing clothes.


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            I have a problem too, but it isn't so much with arrangement but space. My wardrobe is bursting!!! Getting another wardrobe is out of the question, so do any of you girls know of any space-saving wardrobe solutions? Me and my clothes will be eternally grateful

            [Basically I have one full-length wardrobe with two doors that open out. There is one hanging rack, and the usual flat space for folded clothes. Then one drawer. And that's it!!! ]


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              Gosh this is a much timely topic Am moving house soon and am facing a major storage problem for my darling clothes.

              I currently have a 2 cupboards (4 door) and it's already bursting! to the point that the metal thingy that holds the hangers keep dropping! I arrange my clothes into the 2 cupboard such that one holds more formal clothes and the other more casual. The ones i fold are only those i wear at home. The reason why i don't like to fold my clothes is cos' once i fold them, i hardly wear them! Then when i'm moving in, i only have a 3-door cupboard I think i need to sell away those that i hardly wear and most probably fold most of my stuff


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                I arrange by colors > frequency of wear > material. And I dont put white together with the rest, I'm afraid the other color will stain the white color clothing.


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                  yeah, agree with jo. the best is to just throw out the items you no longer wear.


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                    i'll pick out those i wear more frequently, then the rest by theme, then by colours.


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                      I organise mine in a way that one drawer is for lingerie...and then another is for home clothes..and the hanger part i organise by hanging those i freq wear in front.. and those I seldom wear at the back.. and I sort it according to colours.. ;-)


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                        mine currently looks like this

                        on the rack are most of my ironable stuff (L-R):

                        evening dresses (in bags)
                        l/s tops
                        s/s tops
                        s/l tops
                        skirts (from long to short)

                        then on the shelves, i have different piles, sorted into:
                        sleep tees
                        normal tees
                        spag tops (x2)
                        s/l tees
                        s/s tees
                        clubbing tops
                        gym wear

                        1 set of 3x pullout plastic drawers containing:

                        too many clothes me reckon!


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                          new ones in front or hung up

                          fave or usual outfits on hangers in spare room wardrobe

                          old ones throw in the back


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                            Anyone knows where to get cheap and stable clothes rack? Those with a rod and wheels on the legs and a full length mirror in front? I seemed to have seen it somewhere before but forgot where.

                            Need the mirror in front of the rack cos believe it or not, my entire house has not a single full length mirror.


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                              littlelambie: you're not alone.. i don't have a full length mirror at home too..

                              i hang my favourite clothes up on the rod while the rest are folded according to like tees, sleepwear, skirts etc