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  • Fashion @ Johor Bahru

    Hi how about starting a forum for shopping in JB? Below r some of my own encounters...sharing with u guys. Pls add on so we can all get great deals at better prices compared to Singapore.

    1) City Square
    A must go when u're shopping at JB. Houses brands like Mango & has tons of shoe shops! I went there a few weeks ago n theres a store that sells fashion somewhat similar to Zara. Lest to say, i got crazy when i saw it. Bought a really cool pair of shades...u know those that r really in now n they r so cheap! Only RM20!!! Also wanted to get a white bag with lock clip too (think the white bag Philips Quek has in the show "Run, Men") but i didnt. Sigh...what a waste! That store also stock young & funcky wear like those at Far East & work wear. City Sqaure also has Jean Yip. A facial i think cost RM70+. Should b a rather good price since its Jean Yip. The most up-market shopping centre in JB, in my opinion. Oh yes, dont miss the Jap food there. Good atmosphere, good food, n good prices (RM40+ for 2 ramen n croquette).

    2) Holiday Plaza
    This is a must go for DVDs n VCDs. There r so many stores there selling the most recent movies, some not even out yet. Theres also HK dramas, Jap cartoons, Korean drama, Friends, Sex In The City, for PC & Playstation2. Be sure to check the quality! TO get past the security at the checkpoint, drive. Otherwise, if u're taking the bus, theres a scan that detects all metals, so dont risk it if u're not driving.
    For fashion, its rather similar to those at Far East. Hipster pants, ballerina shoes, tank tops, ya u get the idea. Not really my kind of style, so nothing to say abt it. N oh, plenty of shoes!!!

    3) Komplek Lien Hoe aka The Store
    The place is huge but not really going coz theres almost nothing there. It used to be the place to go but it seem all the shops have "disappeared". The last time i checked it out (abt a week ago) it was under renovation. Hopefully some investors will wise up the place. Its still good if u want bargains for household items like ur bread & butter.

    4) Pelangi Mall
    The 2nd most up market shopping complex in JB...thats what i gather from the net. Haven been there yet but heard from a friend its quite like Jurong Point. Compared to the other shopping centres in JB, think its still good even though its like Jurong pOint. Shrug...will check out the place next time.

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    Hey Helethea

    You couldn't have start this thread at a better time. SO and I are thinking about going to JB next week for a day to do some shopping. But we are both very blur about how to go to JB. Which is the best way to get there? Can we take a cab at that bus/ taxi station at Bugis?

    And how far away is City Aquare and Holiday Plaza away from say the JB checkpoint?

    Girls, any help is appreciated. Thanks!


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      Take MRT to kranji

      Take bus 170 after crossing overhead bridge.

      IT will take u to sg checkpt. After getting passport checked there, take 170 again. It will then take u to M'sia checkpt. There, u will get passport stamped.

      i think theres also a m'sia bus offering the same service. Though i've never try that b4 but it looks really clean n air-conditioned. The best thing it's less crowded than 170...

      City Square is just 10-15mins walk away from the m'sia check point. Very near u can walk there. If u dunno how, maybe can ask around. Think its safer to ask at petrol station or those herbal shop.

      If u want maps, i can only recommend buying them at bookstores in sg or petrol stations in JB (theres one just outside the JB checkpoint) at the moment. I'm still searching for places like their tourist centre where we can get free maps. If anyone knows this, update me.

      Money rates r the best at Holiday Inn. Best to change with S$50 notes because they earn higher rates than smaller notes.

      For other shopping areas, its best to travel by taxi. Kinda cheap if u do the conversions. But i'm learning how to take the bus...haha coz they cost only RM0.70 to anywhere for air-con buses. Well, The malay drivers usually follow the metre. Chinese drivers usu quote the price. If u take the latter, Its abt Rm7 to Komplex Lien Hoe & RM4 to Holiday PLaza (i think). Best to ask the driver how much so that he doesnt rip u off upon arriving at the destination.

      I believe u can take the taxi from sg too but i'm not sure of that though...heard its rather expensive...mmm...maybe u can check the net for taxi going into JB. Otherwise give the bus a try.



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        Thank you soo much!

        Can't wait to go and buy shoes!


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          Davis, is troublesome to go without someone driving u there. If u have friends who drive, ask them along so u can get a ride too! If not is too much hassel just to shop in JB :roll:


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            Jemay, it does sounds abit troublesome without someone driving there. I'll see how. Maybe me and him will be lazy again and be couch potatos. lol.


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              totally agree with jemay!

              the only time i'll want to go to JB is if somebody drives much more convenient for everybody and we don't worry about getting lost


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                Its not as difficult at all... I go there about once per 2 months to eat and shop.

                City Square is good, during my last trip, SO and I even went to watch a movie there. It was RM10 for a wkend show. At city square, you get to check out SEED and Vinc (VNC in Sg) in the departmental store at level 1. Theres also addias and Nike. Do check out the level just below the cinema, they have opened new shops, somewhat similar to ANNEX at Heerens.
                My comments on the Jap food: not so cheap, the standard is worse than Sakae Sushi in Sg. But I simply love my Auntie Ann Pretzels at RM 3 plus!!

                If you stay near Kranji MRT, then I think its quite convenient, as there are 2 buses that takes you to the checkpoint, about 10 mins ride to Woodlands checkpoint only. Of course you should miss out those peak period of coming back to Sg, like Sun 4pm onwards etc.

                We choose not to drive, as there are simply too many cases of car thefts. My friend's car tyres almost got stolen, he was lucky that he caught them in time. Not only that, beware of making wrong turns, as some of the roads do not allow right turning etc., you never know when the traffic police is behind you.

                Taking cabs are safe. From City Square to Holiday Inn takes you about RM6. Theres a departmental store at Holiday Inn, you can find SHu Uemura, Biotherm, Kose etc there.You can check out Sentosa for the bak kuh teh (alot of Singaporeans), and theres the STORE opposite, good enough for you to stalk up on toiletries.


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                  You can take a cab from Victoria Street Mkt bus depot for SGD8 bucks per pax. Dun worry gals, its definitely safe as it another quality service offered by NTUC Comfort Cabs and not those orh chee ba la JB cabs...but be warned, there are plenty of malaysian "ba-wang che" drivers trying to lure you to take their transport instead..cannot remember the price off-hand but its definitely more ex den comfort..and moreover safety is another issue !!

                  Con : Might have to wait around for sometime as the cab driver will wanna wait till there are 4 passengers before moving off...fully maximise ma...

                  Drop Off Point :An indian temple which is 5-7 minutes walk to City Square..

                  i love to shop at city square..i hv been getting my hair done by one of the saloons there ..real good deal !! Professional color+highlight+treatment+cut for my past shoulder length for only RM288...yeah!! and i love the attention from my stylist he is so nice and patient and speaks v v good english !! yeah !!

                  for those that are keen..the saloon is Thomas & Guys Level 4 @ City Square..


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                    yeah the queuing may be troublesome but once u get the hang of it, think its pretty alright. It'd be great to get s1 to drive...but guess most of the time, its still best to depend on yaself...otherwise its also hard to adjust to different timings n stuff. Well, maybe unleash ur adventure spirit...thats what i keep telling myself n the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow is quite rewarding actually. & contrary to what pple think, its really rather safe in JB.


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                      Ooooh.. I say the same as Momopeach. This thread comes at such a right time

                      I'm going to City Square on the 15th and I can't wait to shop there! Glad to hear shopping's good

                      What time do the shops open by the way?


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                        Opening Times

                        The shops generally follow this timing at abt 10am-9pm roughly

                        Does anyone know abt the night markets? Where can one find them n generally what do they sell?



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                          "You can take a cab from Victoria Street Mkt bus depot for SGD8 bucks per pax."

                          Hi, may i know where is this vic street mkt bus depot?


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                            It's behind Rochor Court (which is besides Bugis MRT), and in front of Stamford Primary School.


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                              Dear ladies, i thought of going in tomorrow afternoon.. but hubby complaining it takes a long time to reach there..
                              may i know roughly how long the whole journey take if i wanna go Holiday Plaza (btw is holiday plaza & holiday inn the same?)