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What to pair with leggings?

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  • What to pair with leggings?

    Hello girls!

    I know i know..long tops and tunics and all?
    BUT i've got a problem!

    I think i'm too tall for leggings thus i dun wear it..but i have taken a liking on it recently and bought one legging but i have problems matching it!!

    I thought it might look nice with tube/sleeveless dresses which are too short for me?

    One more thing, i cant wear those long tops selling online cuz they are way too short to even cover my butt

    so pls help!

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    Then you should visit the shopping malls to try out the long blouses.. like FEP and Square 2 at Novena. Saw a shop in Square 2 on the second floor recently selling some long blouses which are quite in fashion. If I'm not wrong, there is a 10% off storewide.


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      mayb u can buy oversized tops..... then i'll think it'll fit u haha!