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  • Fox

    Just wanted to know what you guys think of the brand - i've been to the stores at taka and tampines mall, and so far the only thing that i've seen that was worth buying was this khaki cargo mini skirt. a little pricey ($46) for a simple skirt, but it's very nice.

    i don't think much of the tops there though; a lot of the t shirts look very old; i know it's deliberately worn and all, but i guess i just don't like the style much. but prices are definitely cheaper than mango and somewhat cheaper than zara.

    oh and one thing i find strange about fox is that they don't keep clothes in stock - all the pieces are displayed out there, and not all the tops are hung up on display either.. just folded and stacked.

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    i like fox stuff! ok their tops seem a lil weird sometimes but the designs are pretty A&F/hollister like what with glitter wordings n sheer materials n rhinestones n all.. very pretty!

    hmmm i bought a cargo mini @ $33 only! haha it was quite simple yes but its quite cheap considering the material n design which is similar to Hollister cargo minis! it even has the strip of floral cloth inside!

    yeah one thing abt the arrangement of clothes on racks.. i guess its to save space n at the same time, its kinda unique right? no other stores have gotten this kinda feedback afterall

    the worse of their service i believe is the dressing room.. while im not sure abt the one @ tampines mall, the one @taka has only 2 dressing rooms that are pretty bare n without a mirror! :piss: so if u bring in like 5 items, u have to come outta the dresser 5 times! rather ridiculous, me thinks. but sometimes its quite amusing to watch pple parade the clothes n have your own opinions abt how they look (u would keep it in ur head, Thank You, Very Much).

    oh and their sales staff are quite friendly..but i expect they must be very patient since their store adopted such a way of stacking their clothes cos they have to do all the folding and rearranging after customers ruffle thru them. altho i went once to buy a pants but my size was sold out so the SA asked me to leave my number so she could call me when the stocks came in.. n that was the last i heard/saw of her. :roll:

    but overall the shop's stuff aren't too bad considering the lower price range


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      I bought 2 tops from there and yes, I think some of their clothes do resemble abercrombie/hollister style Both tops only cost me $19 each!

      Yeah, they should do something about the fitting rooms at Taka. There's usually a long queue during weekends and I'm so put off by the queue that I just don't shop there

      I once saw a girl bringing almost 20 tees into the fitting room and she came out to see herself in the mirror after trying on each tee. In the end, she only bought 2 tees. Imagine how long the next person in line had to wait, who thankfully wasn't me as I was in the next fitting room


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        oh yeah, their lack of fitting rooms is definitely a bugbear. both the taka and tampines mall branches only have a few... though tm has 4 fitting rooms so it's a bit better than the taka branch. at least the rooms are pretty roomy, though again with the lack of mirrors inside... i definitely wouldn't shop there on a weekend, too many people queuing and being able to see what you're trying on!

        and yeah, didn't realise that their clothes are a little like a&f/hollister like (there's this pair of loungey shorts with flowery writing on the butt, very cute!), and definitely cheaper than those two brands too. most of their t shirts are 19 bucks, i think. and their jeans are an ok price too, 59 dollars.


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          yeah i agree with whatever that has been said above. the outlet at tamnpines is so much more inviting. i also think that the design of their cotton skirts are quite tacky.


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            Fox apparel can be found under any label.

            Flowers on skirt?I've seen it everywhere.

            Cargo pants?There's Samuel and Kevin.

            I've something against their cotton skirts too.It's too gaudy.

            The layout of the store completely puts me off.Wingtai has put profit-making above consumer needs.I believe that the company has designed the layout as such to squeeze as many pieces of apparel together as possible to generate more sales.


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              true that.
              i found a pair of gorgeous low-rise khaki shorts with big-button pockets in the front and belt loops.. and the usual flower print inside

              i don't care what knock-off this is but the fit is divine! $30!


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                I saw two of their shirts featured in Sunday's Life and I must say I like the twist it add to the cargo feature on them. By changing the colour to peach it actually make cargo more girlish less gung ho

                Anyone has any insight to what's the sizing like??


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                  hmm i'm usually a size M/uk 10/us 6 and the skirt i bought from fox is size 36.. though i tried a pair of size 36 jeans and they didn't fit.. and size 38 was too big

                  as for their shirts, their sizing is pretty big actually. i can wear both their size 1 and 2.

                  and i like the sound of those khaki shorts!


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                    I'm a MNG M and the tops I got from Fox are size 1


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                      Their sizing is abit weird. I wear L for Zara bottoms, and I could fit into a size 2 skirt at Fox! :huh:


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                        Have you girls seen this season's denim capris? The washes are so gorgeous.


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                          I am not really into their tops but I like their jackets though...


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                            i had brought fox jackets too! and had 1 of the tops...


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                              Fox stores are really messy to me. Especially the ones in Junction 8 and Suntec City. Haven't been to the Taka one for some time. It started to become so messy since they started their sale late last year and the sale doesn't seem to stop.
                              I think their cargo pants and skirts. They fit pretty well for me. The sizes for jeans are pretty weird. I'm a Levis W26 and their size 34 is too small and size 36 is like 2 sizes too big for me. I managed to grab a cheap hoodie at $15 during their sale. Not too bad!