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  • Moissanite Diamonds

    Anyone has bought one or had one as gift from Moissanite?

    Moissanite Diamonds website

    It appears to be pretty close to the real thing at 10% of real diamond price and yet stronger than diamond.

    Some samples of their accessories:

    They only have one distributor in Sg at Lucky plaza though.

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    Oh! I sure am interested!

    First read about them in the papers some times back and though they would be great for me! Because i love stones and i can't afford the real thing!

    Am looking forward to getting a pair of earring studs for a start. But not too sure where to find them and am grateful to see this thread here!


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      Ponine maybe you can try Russian diamonds? I've seen them retailing at Isetan but they're not as sparkly as the real thing but they're quite cheap. If you're looking for coloured diamonds, I would recommend them as their coloured diamonds are like the real deal but at a fraction of the price! The Moissanite Diamonds only come in green or colourless.

      I got a 1 carat pink heart-shaped Russian diamond which looks like the real thing! But you've to get it set yourself as their nicer stones are usually sold loose but they've a designer who they'll recommend to you to go to. I haven't set mine yet (plan to set it into a ring) but this is how it looks like:

      <img src = "">


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        I have been thinking of buying a 1 carat Russian diamond ring but am afraid that it looks fake. So from what vonvonne said it looks real. Can one really tells the difference? Very tempting to get one now.


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          bebelatte, i suggest you go down to take a look. my bf is quite knowledgable in gems and he has bought some jewellery for me before. our opinion is that the colourless russian diamonds do look "fake" 'cos they're not as sparkly.

          however, the coloured ones look almost like the real stuff 'cos coloured diamonds to begin with are not as sparkly as the colourless ones. so i would recommend the russian diamonds only if you're looking for coloured diamonds or colour gems. i've checked out semi-precious stones and they're more expensive and less sparkly as these coloured diamonds. hope this helps!


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            Vonvonne,I am actually looking for the colorless one. do you think the moissanite diamonds are better?


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              I've never seen them in real life so I can't comment. I think you should go down to the distributor at Lucky Plaza (some posts earlier) to take a look. I remember SK Jewellery is having some promo on 1 carat diamond too so you can compare the prices and quality. Good luck!


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                Originally posted by bebelatte
                Vonvonne,I am actually looking for the colorless one. do you think the moissanite diamonds are better?
                I have been to the Lucky Plaza outlet (think it's called Moiss Jewellery or something), the stones, though sparkly, do look rather yellow. Not very appealing IMHO.


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                  Oh dear! those who are thinking of getting a Moissanite....I don't advice. I have bought two when I was in the states online. The first one was a 1 carat, which I thought the color was too yellow. So..... The second one was a 1.5 carat, which was unfortunately in the same yellow tint which was slightly better. I later found out that all Moissanite have a yellowish tint. What's more, Moissanite have a double image kind of brillance that one can tell that it is a moissanite. Yes... some of the diamond testers at the jewelry shop will come out positive as a diamond (which is why I bought them, silly me) BUT the NEW diamond testers will show negative now.

                  Referrring to bebelatte, if you are willing to buy a moissanite at 1/10th the price, why don't you try cultured diamond from Gemesis or Apollo. They are diamonds, just man-made, not mined, they are carbon made like diamonds and not CZs. Unfortunate, (i dont know which brand) have only small white diamonds, the rest are in fancy colors like pink, blue and canary. Plus they don't have a location in singapore (it closed down few years ago).
                  I am hoping to go Hong Kong to see them soon.


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                    Any updates on this diamond?
                    My sis and I are going down to see look next week.
                    How are their sapphires?
                    May want to get them customise one something like that :
                    How much will that cost?


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                      Wow...these are great rings, you make it look so simple, as your pieces are so well done!!!

                      Murano Glass Beads


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                        Anyone bought from 18 karaats?

                        Hi i realised that there aren't many reviews for 18 karaats diamond simulants. Has anyone bought from them and if so, what are your opinions vs Gordon Max's handcut diamonds in terms of quality and price? Thanks! :D


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                          Gemesis and Apollo

                          Does anyone know much about where I can find Gemesis and Apollo diamond simulants? Locally or overseas? Cheers!


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                            Lovely jewelries with unique designs.It shows their curious work towards art which just worked out so well with pretty diamonds.Thanks for sharing this website.It seems to be a perfect gift too.Also we have to choose luxury jewelry boxes to secure such lovely jewelries.