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    Heya all....
    I'm searching for a gown for an upcoming ball.... it's the first time im actually fussing over a ball..... and im so lost.. please help me?
    Are there any boutiques to recommend? I look really bad in most daniel yam dresses....
    Would wedding boutique cater for ball gowns? are they expensive? I guess my budget is $200 or less?
    I'll also be going to hongkong at the end of the month... and im thinking if i could get a unique piece from there instead. Could the ladies in hongkong help? Are there any boutiques over there which sells formal gowns? Would love something unique.... i'll be in kowloon.. any addresses for me to check out?

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    I wouldn't recommend daniel yam because I find their gowns pretty ordinary and quality of fabric so so.

    Bridal boutiques will be a better place to find something nice. Maybe for a $200 budget you can only rent but at least you can search for something you like and they will alter it to fit you well.

    I think there used to be a shop in Mandarin Hotel that sells or rent gowns but I have no idea if its still there or if the gowns they have are nice. But if you happened to be in Orchard, you probably can go there and look around


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      Actually if you don't mind renting, you can try approaching some ex-brides who have their gowns to keep. Probably posting a "gown rental required" advertisement on one of the popular bride forums like or may yield something viable.

      Balls are such fun. All dressing up...drooling on your behalf


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        Bridal shops do have their clearance sales once in a while to make way for their new collections. I know shops like Vanity Fair along Tg Pagar road have sales pretty often. Either call up the shops to ask or look out for small advertisements in the classified advertisements on Saturdays


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          HI go66ess

          U may wish to check out Allure Charix Pret-A-Porter



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            Thank You ladies. And now i embark on my search.


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              good luck! & do post pics when you've found it


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                If you dont' mind separates, I once bought full-length black satin evening (A-line, slightly puffy-ish/however you describe it) skirt from Ooh-La-La. I make it sound horrible....

                You can team it up with different glamourous sequinned/embriodery tops, and re-use them for various functions, and not look like every other person at the ball who bought their stuff from Daniel Yam!

                Or spice up a full long black dress with accessories like shawl, or some pieces of jewellery and bag, and you'll be all set and ready to go!

                Hong Kong has cheap 2nd hand bridal gowns for sale, probably would have cheap 2nd hand evening gowns for sale too. Do check it out when you're here.



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                  Singapore based, gorgeous ballgowns


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                    BUMPING UP THIS THREAD!

                    Will appreciate some help, my family is invited to a gala dinner affair at Shangri-La, possibly a media-invited event because my sister is the finalist of Ms Singapore World.

                    Dress code is stated as formal.

                    Is it necessary for men to wear tuxedos/full suits and females to don floor-length gowns? Because the event is this friday, so it is rather urgent.

                    Appreciate all the help I can get, thanks!


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                      For formal dress code I'll wear a gown, preferably long ones but not ball gowns. Guys will be in suits and tie but they might be able to get away without the tie.

                      Ball gowns and tux are meant for black tie events.