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  • Wristlet / Clutch / Evening Bag

    Any nice wristlet to recommend ?

    I'm looking for something simple and classy to drop all my comb, tissue, handphone and wallet in when i go for lunch. Unfortunately my wallet is a long shape one so i might have to look for something bigger than usual. I am not too sure if the Coach one fits all my items.

    Any recommendations ?

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    check out (but they aren't exactly classy IMO )

    i saw some wristlets & from the measurements, they're quite big! so you can fit in a long wallet i think but don't get them from yahoo auctions, they're overpriced! check out the sales @ gap if they're any

    coach would be too small for a long wallet i believe but they're oh so pretty!


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      Coach wristlets comes in 2 sizes.. the smaller one basically don't have room for a normal wallet.
      The bigger size would be comfortable in holding some basic items.

      Downsize your wallet!

      Alternatively, get a slim small bag, similar to the LV pouchette, that really acts like a separate holder..


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        LOL ...cannot downsize wallet !!! I just got a new one and i am it.

        I did spotted a few cute ones from GAP but am very reluctant to go through all the international purchase hassle for just a small item.

        And yeah.. i think the Coach one is too small for my long wallet.

        How about any shops easily available in Singapore ?


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          i just saw one and is considering getting it...its from A&F


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            cute AF wristlet!


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              A&F's look cute..but their stuffs always look different IRL

              i jus bought a leather clutch from old navy..its white and it looks great..i it!

              and theres a striped one from coach that i like too..hehe..


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                I have the A&F one. Yea, agree that they look slight different IRL but I do find some use for it. it's not too small and not too big. I can stuff my cards, a pack of tissue, keys, lipgloss and my mobile into it. It looks pretty fat in the end but at least it's of a moderate size and not too big. The Loop NYC pouch that I got is too big!


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                  How much is the coach one? I spotted someone carrying and it look so nice


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                    the seller is offering $40 for this A&F wristlet....what do you think?
                    as for coach wristlets can do coach boutique or dfs store to browse but unfortunately the designs are pretty limited and dated. think best is to buy from their site at its 1/3 cheaper also i they got the latest designs!


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                      Originally posted by avojuice
                      i just saw one and is considering getting it...its from A&F

                      I have this in a polkadot version, it's really cute. $40 for this is a major boo cause i bought it for only around max $20.


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                        polkadot ones!

                        hello! i saw the polkadot ones for $30! is that worth it? and how small is it? it looks reaaaly cute rite! but is it practical?


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                          any nice ones in town? feel like taking a look before buying them..


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                            mango selling leather wristlet/clutch but its rather big

                            other than that, havent really seen...anyone saw anything nice? im in a wristlet craze!


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                              I got my A&F wristlet at around $20 too. To pay $30 - $40 for that, I rather you get a nice bag or wait for a spree.