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Any ring collectors out there?

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  • Any ring collectors out there?

    i'm just mad over rings rings and more rings! i think i have like 80-100 of them, what about you?

    what sort of rings do you have and where do you buy them from? i started with the fun funky plasticky ones but recently getting hooked on the expensive semi-precious stones.

    my usual ring shops :-
    katriel (paragon) but oh so ex!
    far east plaza

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    i'm not that crazy over rings but IMO if i see a pretty ring with a diamond on it, i am not inclined to purchase that rather than a precious stone

    the only rings that i own are:-

    Bvlgari Ring
    Tiffany ring
    Engagement Ring
    Wedding ring
    and some other fashion diamond rings

    My usual shops are

    Lee Hwa Jewellery



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      When I was younger I didn't know how to appreciate rings. But now I do love them!

      I am not so much of a ring collector rather a fashion accessories collector. Every country I visited I get something nice from there. Or when my loved ones visit somewhere, they get for me too. Anyway, my accessories are my treasure. Really love every piece very much. Some of them are actually pretty inexpensive. My favourite inexpensive ring was brought in Spain.

      I don't think I have ever brought any ring for myself in Singapore. Those I have are gifts from hubby and dad & mom.


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        I'm not much of a ring collector, but my favorite stones are diamond (who doesn't?! lol) and onyx.


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          I love funky rings! Especially chunky ones. Can't afford expensive stones at the mo I look for funky rings from all over, quirky shops in FEP, Aliya and Swatch has nice rings.


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            Ooo! I used to really collect rings.... hahaha! Had a whole "Tuperware" of them, though I cant afford too many expensive ones... I love those at Aliya thou, and for some affordable nice ones, will be from Montip and Taka (Those Chomel, etc... brands).

            Not sure whether you'll be able to still find them, but Isrida used to have very very good selections at wholesale prices... those Chomel etc brands from Isetan and Taka, are going wholesale for approx $5.90-$8.90... I once bought like 6 in a go... Not sure about now though, I think they stopped sellling already... sigh... such a pity, man!


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              Georg Jensen rings !!!


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                Oh I am eyeing a 1 carat solitare ring now. But the prices are


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                  Hmm.. I'm not much of a ring collector, but i do love my select few though! I buy from anywhere as long as they look nice & suit my style. Recently, i've been eyeing some of Chomel's rings though.. Very pretty!

                  As for more classic styles, i love Georg Jensen & Tiffany for their classic, timeless designs!


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                    On y.ah, Tiffany, another of my fav but realise the silver range not very worth it. I used to have a Open Heart ring which I adore but I threw it back to my ex and have been regreting till today. Should have kept it.


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                      george jensen, bvlgari rings! arghhh!!! but so damn ex!! i would love to hv them <dreaming>


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                        Tiffany and Swatch Bijoux!


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                          Katriel and Charlotte Atelier for me!


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                            swatch bijoux has interesting rings...not too expensive too and stainless steel!!

                            people always ask me about swatch bijoux rings whenever i wear them
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                              Anyone have any idea where to get a ring that look like this?

                              My friend is lemming for it, and decided to list it under her birthday wish list. Really hope to get it for her.

                              Anyone, who knows where to get it, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE LMK!! TIA!!