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  • Warehouse (the clotheshop)

    i simply love warehouse clothings. anyone here too?

    who knows when do they usually hold their sales? or where can i go to get their stuff at discounted prices?

    i went to this place at park mall(whenever they r having sale) a few yrs back where they sell their stuff at discounted prices n it was very cheap. they no longer have it there. so, anywhere else?

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    i think they have gorgeous clothes but they arent very suitable for everyday wear. but if you have a D&D, perhaps it may be a good place to check out


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      I have quite a few tops from Warehouse and I love them. They're not that dressy really, I usually wear them out at night to nice dinners or clubbing.


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        Warehouse has pretty clothes and i like

        Their designs ranges from totally basic to dressy. Wide variety to choose from although their dressy clothes are more than that of the basic line.

        Great outfits for special occassions


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          I loved Warehouse clothing, couldn't squeeze into Topshop etc hah! And they're sexy. But I can forget about them for quite a long while more...


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            do u know when does the raffles place sale last til???

            yah, i do love their dresses n beaded tops. very nice n pretty but i agree u can't wear them all the time.

            but they are oh so pretty n the cut if very flaterring... whenever i try them on, i feel like buying them so so very much until i take a look at the price.... :|


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              I didn't take note when the sale would last. They do have simpler stuff but mostly similar to the Topshop or Ms Selfrige kinds.

              Clubbing clothes are definitely dressy, if you ask me. Maybe my definition differs much from most of yours


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                yeah, i agree. the dresses are too dressy for clubbing. but the tops can be matched with a simple bottom for clubbing!


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                  hey john little sale is back on again..this time round is bigger.. great place to get ya cosmetics and toileties products..


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                    I love WAREHOUSE basic stuff. And I love their sale even more! I got myself a pair of beige linen drawstring pants there for $18 down from $69! I wanted to get the pink one too, but too bad don;t have my size. In the end, I also got another sweatpants in light baby pink for $9. I can't believe it. lol.


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                      Ever since when did Warehouse stuff got so cheap momopeach? Wow i can't believe you got such a good deal.

                      I love Warehouse too but their sale is not on new arrivals. I love their tube tops and halters.


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                        I think it was their clearance sale that I went to at their shop at Plaza Singapura. But rather limited sizes though. I think the smallest one was like size 10 or 12 for most bottoms. That's my size, so I got lucky! hehehe


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                          Trademart resident

                          Hi Pills!

                          glad to hear that u like warehouse sales too...

                          u sud check out trademart's sales if they're on. Will post u a note if their function rooms are booked for sales events.. this place houses many fashion labels' offices, hence its the best place for them to clear out stock-locks.. u'll find even great make-ups + perfumes there!


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                            Oh babiejen, oh please please do post on here and let us know if there are any sales at trademart. Will be greatly appreciated!


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                              oh my goodness, i couldn't resist the temptation and bought a $79 silk top from there yesterday! so heart pain!!

                              ooh, but got 15% discount for UOB cardholders and 20% for above $250!