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cheap shipping from china to singapore

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  • cheap shipping from china to singapore

    Shipping to Singapore from China, just need about 3-4 days(door to door)

    For general cargo:
    Less than 11kg the first 0.5kg is RMB55,after is RMB13/0.5KG
    More than 11kg less than 20kg is RMB25/KG
    more than 21kg less than 50kg is RMB23/KG
    more than51kg is RMB19/KG
    More than 100kg is RMB17/KG

    By sea: 550RMB/CBM(not including the 7%GST) about 8-10days arrive
    Sea service is from our warehouse to Singapore your home or office :

    Jenna (
    MOB: 0086-13418182560 TEL:0086-20-28255627/28255647
    QQ: 2058369611 SKYPE:xdjenna85
    Wechat: xdexpress whatsapp: +8615913184240(this number only for WhatsApp)
    MSN:[email protected] email: [email protected]
    ADD: D8,Parking Jiangxia,Huangshi East Road,Baiyun district,Guangzhou,China

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