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  • Maharishi


    Wanted to ask question about sizing for this brand, the cutting is supposed to be on the generous side?

    I fit a UK 12 so am not sure if the sizing would follow suit i.e. size M/12. Can a fan of Maharishi clothing here help out?


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    Maharishi's pants are quite baggy..why don't you try out the sizing at Blackjack..that's provided if they still carry this brand.


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      For your information. My waistline is 25-26" and I wear a Maharishi size 6. Size 6 will sit nicely on my waist.

      Depending on the cut and design...

      I have a pair of Maharishi capris that comes in size 8. Have to send for alteration before I can wear them.

      I can also wear a size 8 for Maharishi snopants but they are really really baggy for my frame since I do not have a butt to fill in the 'spaces'.

      Usually Blackjack does not carry size 6. I've never been able to get size 6 from them. Smallest they have is 8.

      If you don't mind, maybe you can provide the measurement of your waistline?

      Else, you can always drop by BlackJack to try out the sizes and yes, they still carry Maharishi.


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        Thanks for the info!

        Was thinking of getting a pair off Ebay, needed to figure out which size my big butt would fit into.