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  • P.O.A new range of clothing

    P.O.A bring-in a new range of clothing I.S.O which are much more cheaper and fashionable prices range from $32-$50

    If you are a P.O.A fan just drop by any P.O.A branch to check it out.

    BTW PS branch is having Sales on selected top & tube dresses.


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    hi koko,

    would like to invite you to do an intro at CozyBabes. a forum for new cotters to tell us a little something about themselves. see you there.


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      wow... reaLLy?
      i wanna see, die... going to spend spend spend again


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        i LOVE POA clothes, they have the coolest stuff ever, and their shoes are so cute and affordable too


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          agree w lumos! love their bags too, especially the HUGE ones but prices are quite steep (ard $70+ ~ $99).


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            Hey you girls are right their stuffs are expensive but in Hk is cheap i just went to HK recently and they are having 40% off on all the bags and i got one around $20++

            Hey did you know that the membership card can be use in HK too it entitled a 20% off and 10% in s'pore.

            Check out the new range of clothing I.S.O it really nice and cool heard from the sales girl is from Jap.

            I just bought two pcs of ISO range and like it very much.

            However I.S.O range of clothing only carry at selected outlets.


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              Wow great! I must pop by P.O.A! I just saw a chiffon skirt and is lemming badly for it.


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                Oh didn't realise POA has shoes. Will check it out.

                By the way, I came across a shop in HK that carries 'two degrees' clothings. It is so similar to POA's style.

                Anyone saw 'two degrees' in Singapore?


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                  2 degrees used to be a standalone store in sg but think now it kinda merged with poa
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                    You can still find 2 degrees in Marina Square. It's on the first floor somewhere near Hangten. They are selling past seasons clothings from POA as well cheaply. From $10 onwards.


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                      i believe fep has a 2 percent too? saw a top that i bought in hk selling there. it's near the posb atm


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                        Hello girls

                        If you intend to go Marina Square do visit the superstore at level 1 too. They carry alot of different ranges of clothings from x2 to 2%, ISO, +-x and POA.

                        BTW the 2 degree shop at Marina Square do carry bags, shoes and clothings at a real cheap prices. All less than $20 ok.

                        Don be surprise a bag cost $69 can be selling at $14 at 2 degree shop.

                        So if you wanted to get stuffs from POA shops and notices it has been hanging there or displayed on the shelve for quite sometimes and still not moving, guess you can check it out at the 2 degree shop at Marina Square cos most likely the stuffs are on sales over there already.

                        Happy Shopping


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                          Saw on the back of the discount card that discount is valid for stores in M'sia and HK as well...
                          Anyone knows the address of the overseas stores?